The Author, Helen

Hi there! Yes, my name is Helen and that’s my real name. I’m a 20-something hotelier who loves to travel and obviously, someone who loves to share her own thoughts. Watching Kdrama is my hobby and blogging becomes my past time. Well, writing is not really my passion but reading is. I consider myself as a happy go lucky girl because being too serious in life is out of my league. If I ever have the chance to define myself then I will say, I’m just a simple girl who loves adventure and playful in terms of pranks but too shy at first glance. 😉 On the other hand, visit my blog often in order for you to know me better.

You can freely judge me by the posts I’ve made but I made my blog to express my thoughts and feelings, not to please anyone. 🙂


Life is rude and unfair but taking things in a positive way can lessen the pain of what life brings. Being a wallflower, on the other hand, is quite surreal for me. I want to be alone and think to understand the meaning of life. I might be moody but being quiet and letting my mind speak is the only escape plan that I have.

My life is not perfect, it is like a roller coaster which has many loops but I’m sure at the end, I will not regret that I surpass the loop and finish the ride.

The way I see it, being optimistic and a wallflower can have a good result. It may not be perfect but at least you try to be true to yourself and positive in life. 😉