Helen Masagca

Honestly, I do not know where to start telling random facts and stuffs about me. Maybe I can say a little bit of the things I used to do. Well, writing is not really my passion but reading is. I consider myself as a happy go lucky girl because being too serious in life is out of my league. When problems occur, reminding myself to be positive is the first thing I do. I can say that no one will motivate you other than yourself. If I ever have the chance to define myself then I will say, I’m just a simple girl who loves adventure and playful in terms of pranks but too shy at first glance. 😉 On the other hand, visit my blog often in order for you to know me better.

You can freely judge me by the posts I’ve made but I made my blog to express my thoughts and feelings, not to please anyone. 🙂


Life is rude and unfair but taking things in a positive way can lessen the pain of what life brings. Being a wallflower, on the other hand, is quite surreal for me. I want to be alone and think to understand the meaning of life. I might be moody but being quiet and letting my mind to speak is the only escape plan I have.

My life is not perfect, it is like a roller coaster which has many loops but I’am sure at the end, I will not regret that I surpass the loop and finish the ride.

The way I see it, being optimistic and a wallflower can have a good result. It may not be perfect at least you try to be true to yourself and positive in life. 😉


Because I’am a book lover, I do accept book reviews!

Preferred genres:
Contemporary || Fantasy || Historical || Mystery || Thriller || Romance || Dystopia || Chic Lit || Adventure || Diaries || Humorous story || Science Fiction ||

Not preferred genres:
stories about VAMPIRES or any paranormal books.

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