23 turned 24

What does it feel to be 23?

Well, nothing is special but it’s the age where you will meet different people in your life.
I’ve been into hotel industry for almost two years and as I go on, I’ve met people who eventually come and go.
Why? Because they have their own lives to make and I’m not one of those people whom they choose to stay.
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Thoughts of a 22nd turned 23rd

Every year added to your life brings another opportunity ahead.

Being 22 is not really bad at all. I’ve learned too many things that I never thought that I’ll encounter at this very young age.
Don’t get me wrong, 22 is not that old. 😉

As far as I remembered, I welcomed my 22nd birthday last year with a saying “The best is yet to come”. I found myself in the finish line already, things are getting better than I ever thought. Many lessons have learned, tears randomly fall, sadness appeared but happiness conquers. It was a roller coaster ride that ended at a smooth pace.

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