Rating System

5 smaller

5 Hearts
It is a must read and I loved it!
Highly recommended and deserves to have a space in my bookshelf.

4 smaller

4 Hearts
It’s an awesome book!
Recommended and will surely buy a copy of its series if ever there was one.

3 smaller

3 Hearts
Books that is not for me. There were parts I liked and disliked.
“It was okay” is what I’am going to say if someone ask my opinion about it.

2 smaller

2 Hearts
Didn’t like it. I might finished the book but its not for keeps.
Ended up skimming some portion of the book and won’t be recommending it.

1 smaller

1 Heart
Oh! I hate it! Wishing I never picked the book.
Will never recommend it and a waste of my time.