A promise ring which symbolizes your love that cannot be mine.
A love that forever kept deep down in each other’s heart.
That only you and I can only know and cannot put into public. 
Someone owns your heart and so as mine.
Because fate conquers destiny which ends us both with a broken heart.
Destined but not meant to be together as per the fate.
No choice but to go with the flow and let fate rule the present.
We are both on a different path and still choose to go back to each other’s arm. 
However, fate is in the middle and no one can stop it. 
Maybe we should accept the fact that I love you even you are saying to someone I love you too.

Isang Laro

Akala mo’y isang simpleng laro ngunit hindi mo akalain na ito pala’y isang patibong.
Patibong patungo sa sugat na kailanma’y mananatiling nakaukit diyan sa puso mo.
Ngunit paano na, laro’y nasimulan na at wala nang atrasan pa.
Kaligayahan mo ang nakasugal kapalit nang isang magandang laro.
Pero teka,
ito ba ay isang magandang laro o isang laro na ang dahilan nang pagpatak ng iyong mga luha.
Wala na.
Wala ka nang magagawa pa kung hindi ang ipagpatuloy ang larong nasimulan kahit gusto mo nang umatras.
At ang tangi mo lang magagawa ay maging maingat sa lahat ng hakbang upang ang pusong nakasugal ay mabawi mo pa nang buo sa oras na matapos ang laro at ikaw ang naging talunan.

Stupid Love 💔

Asking for someone’s time is like begging for someone’s memory.
Too sad if they can’t give it to you.
But too painful if they just set you aside.
Unrequited love it may seems but you’re wrong in such a way.

They started like strangers, then become lovers.
How cliche if this was a story but no, it’s a true love story.
Though you felt the pain, I know at the end you’ll just forgive him and move on.

Thinking about the happy thoughts you’ve made together which keeps you holding on.
Problems are there but memories will surely be dominant.
No matter how many times it hurt you, forgiving him is the only choice you have.
Unless you want to stop and break up with him.

But Im sure, you will just give up if you get tired of understanding and not loving him.

It’s true, no matter how smart you are, love do really make you stupid.


Those were memories.
Happy memories I thought that I will bring until the very last page of my life.
But I was wrong.
Those were just memories that reminds me of my days being with you.
It showed how happy we were and how wide our smile is when we were together exploring the beauty of life.
As I scan them out, it seems that it was just happened yesterday. It was as fresh as a fruit which was just picked from its tree.
But everything turned out not as what I’ve expected.

We ended what we’ve started in a difficult way.
It hurts.
It hurts badly that I felt that I wasted my years being with you.
But no, I will never get mad at you.

I’m just disappointed with what happened to us, how our plans get ruined in just a blink of an eye.
With you, I finally believe in forever but everything crushed and now, forever is nowhere to be found.

To the Guy whom I thought is the One

Meeting you is quite unpredictable but I think, that was one of the happiest things happened in my life.
It was the time when I least expected that Cupid’s arrow will directly hit me.
I don’t have any intention to be in a relationship for that early, but you entered my world without any advice.
We thought, things are not getting along with what we want but one day, everything is in a perfect place and just waiting for us.
You courted me for too long until you heard me say “Yes”.Read More »