Just for Today.

People are asking “What’s wrong with you my dear?!”
I replied simply nothing in return.
Even myself do not know what’s the answer, all I know is I want to be far from these people.
Gloomy night it seems but no, it’s not raining cats nor dogs.
It’s my thoughts and emotions that keeps on boggling me.
Feeling exhausted from all these people I need to please whenever I see them.
I need people who take things positively
Not with these people who judge someone easily.
Maybe, I hope it’s just a maybe.
I’m maybe just tired of everything I’m facing right now.
Leave me please, let me feel the word “Lonely”
‘Cause I want to be an introvert just for a day.




I’am preoccupied.

Preoccupied with work.

Yes, that is the main reason why I’m staring blankly for the past few days.

Thinking how am I going to get through with all these things that bugs my mind.

Realization occurred and I now believes that no one will help yourself other than you and your family.

Though you’ve treat people kind, they will never help you especially in times of need. Anyway, who am I to be treated like the way I treat them.

It is hard to think that not all people whom you treat kind, will be kind to you too.

Remember, life is a struggle in where we need not only to find our purpose but also to find out who are those people whom we can trust and consider as a treasure like the one you find in the deep of the ocean.

I’am hurt but I can’t do anything since I’am a goody goody girl. I’m afraid to do my own move since I’am an introvert.

Being kind and being an introvert.

It sucks I know!



How about Now?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I was wondering how come I ended up playing that thing inside my head. From the moment I rode a bus up to this point of time.
Maybe because I’ve been surfing different articles about New Year.
Don’t get me wrong, this post is not yet my New Year’s message nor resolution.
This is just merely sharing my thoughts as of the moment.

I’ve been reading some blog posts about the upcoming New Year and even the Christmas happenings around the globe. But it is not yet the right time for me to share my own experiences. Maybe I’ll do it by tomorrow since it’s my rest day.

Well, what about this post?
I think I’m just motivated by the blogs I’ve read that is why I’m making this.
My mind is working on the other hand though I just took my medicine to ease the headache that I’ve felt awhile ago. My body is absolutely having a hard time in changing its body clock. I just do hope that I can do this eventually.

It’s almost New Year but I’ll surely celebrating it at work.
Too bad?
OF COURSE!! Who said that I’am in favor of that?
I will missed the mandatory family picture we always do when we start to eat Media Noche.
But, this is the work that I’ve been dreaming and wanting of. Just endure the pain and happiness will surely follow.

Maybe I’ll end it this way.
I’ll see you by tomorrow then.