Just for Today.

People are asking “What’s wrong with you my dear?!”
I replied simply nothing in return.
Even myself do not know what’s the answer, all I know is I want to be far from these people.
Gloomy night it seems but no, it’s not raining cats nor dogs.
It’s my thoughts and emotions that keeps on boggling me.
Feeling exhausted from all these people I need to please whenever I see them.
I need people who take things positively
Not with these people who judge someone easily.
Maybe, I hope it’s just a maybe.
I’m maybe just tired of everything I’m facing right now.
Leave me please, let me feel the word “Lonely”
‘Cause I want to be an introvert just for a day.

Hello there, 2017!

Hello everyone! 🙌

It’s nice to officially back from hassle work and holidayssss. 🎄🎆🎉
How was your holidays, anyway? Did you had enough time with your family or you spent it at work like me.
Hay, buhay hotelier nga naman.

Though I was quite lucky since sumakto sa rest day ko ang Christmas and New Year’s eve. I think, bawing bawi na yun since I spent it with my family kahit AM shift the next day.
I was not that active for the past few months dahil sa pagka-demanding nang trabaho ko 😑 Some days, I’ve worked for 12 hours and I’d rather choose to sleep than to read and update my blog since my eyes was begging for rest.
Idagdag mo pa ang 3 weeks graveyard shift then after, AM shift. Pakihanap nga ang hustisya. 😭

New Year. New opportunities. New me.

Well, I’ve had the chance to recap my 2016 before it bids goodbye and I just suddenly realized how workaholic I’am! I forgot how to enjoy life the way I always wanted to be. My work crushed all my goals for 2016 and I was quite sad about it. The good thing is, I had the chance to atleast have an out of town even just for a day. Pangpalubag-loob ko iyon. Buti na lang talaga, natuloy yung overnight stay sa Tagaytay, kung hindi. Ay nako talaga.
I have many New Year’s resolutions and the number one on the list is to TRAVEL!
Werk. Werk. Werk.
Ipon. Ipon. Ipon.
Travel. Travel. Travel.
Ganern! 😍
I just need to be more responsible and discipline enough to earn money. Lakas kasi maka-tempt nang pagkain eh 😭

Though 2016 was about career, family and friendship, I will always be thankful and grateful for a prosperous year that God had given to me. Trials are there, sadness are there but at the end of the day, happiness will conquer everything together with the faith for a better future. 😁 I will face 2017 with a brighter thought and positive goals for me to grow as an individual. Please, sana maisingit ko si diet. I want to enjoy the reality of life which was given to me. I might welcomed 2017 being single, who knows I might say goodbye to her with someone beside me. But, love life is not my priority for this year. This year is all about me, myself and I! Together with the people I treasure the most.

So Cupid, if ever you’re reading this, please don’t aim your arrow to me yet. But if you insist, then aim your arrow also to the person I’am destined with because I don’t want to let my heart be broken again. For now, let me love myself first ❤


2017 will surely be my year! Let’s claim it!


Another Year Added..

Every year added into your life brings another opportunities ahead.
Being 22 is not really bad at all. I’ve learned too many things that I never thought that I’ll encounter at this very young age.

Don’t get me wrong, 22 is not that old huh. 😉

As far as I remembered, I welcomed my 22nd birthday last year with a saying “The best is yet to come”. I found myself in the finish line already, things are getting better than I ever thought. Many lessons have learned, tears randomly falls, sadness appeared but happiness conquers. It was a roller coaster ride that ended with a smooth pace.

Now, one door closed and another opens. I just want to share all the things I learned as a 22 year old girl who was lost before she reached that age.Read More »



I’am preoccupied.

Preoccupied with work.

Yes, that is the main reason why I’m staring blankly for the past few days.

Thinking how am I going to get through with all these things that bugs my mind.

Realization occurred and I now believes that no one will help yourself other than you and your family.

Though you’ve treat people kind, they will never help you especially in times of need. Anyway, who am I to be treated like the way I treat them.

It is hard to think that not all people whom you treat kind, will be kind to you too.

Remember, life is a struggle in where we need not only to find our purpose but also to find out who are those people whom we can trust and consider as a treasure like the one you find in the deep of the ocean.

I’am hurt but I can’t do anything since I’am a goody goody girl. I’m afraid to do my own move since I’am an introvert.

Being kind and being an introvert.

It sucks I know!