Life Lately | August

August Life Lately

I think, it is still not yet late to post what happened to me during the month of August, right? Though days passed by too fast, I still managed to at least spend a little time to recall all the things happened.

August came up too fast without realizing that a story will end soon and another chapter will open. I welcomed my birth month with a positive vibes and let myself remembered all the things happened for my 23rd year here on earth. I even made a page on my bullet journal, summarize of life for a 23-year old girl like me.


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23 turned 24

What does it feel to be 23?

Well, nothing is special but it’s the age where you will meet different people in your life.
I’ve been into hotel industry for almost two years and as I go on, I’ve met people who eventually come and go.
Why? Because they have their own life to make and I’m not one of those people whom they choose to stay.
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Life Lately | July

July Life LatelyJuly came unexpectedly, yung tipong hindi mo napansin na July na pala because of being too busy from work.
Rainy month as it’s finest!☔ I even went to work wearing slippers and that’s because of rain. Classes got suspended and how I wish, even my work got suspended too.

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Just for Today.

People are asking “What’s wrong with you my dear?!”
I replied simply nothing in return.
Even myself do not know what’s the answer, all I know is I want to be far from these people.
Gloomy night it seems but no, it’s not raining cats nor dogs.
It’s my thoughts and emotions that keeps on boggling me.
Feeling exhausted from all these people I need to please whenever I see them.
I need people who take things positively
Not with these people who judge someone easily.
Maybe, I hope it’s just a maybe.
I’m maybe just tired of everything I’m facing right now.
Leave me please, let me feel the word “Lonely”
‘Cause I want to be an introvert just for a day.