Museums of Manila

It was one Saturday morning when I finally decided to join Johhan to one of his talks on which he was one of the coordinators.  I woke up at 7:30 am but decided to prepare at 8:00 and leave the house around 9:00 am.
Antok pa akesh! 😴

It took me an hour and a half to reach the location which is Intramuros. Antrapik! Sabadong sabado eh.
The talk took place on Plaza Moriones, Intramuros which started at 9:00am, I know. I know, super late na akong dumating. It is about “The Voyage of Balangay” and I decided not to go inside where the talk was going on. Wala akong kilala ni-isa sa kanila 😭 I know them only by name and nothing else. At the same time, nilalamon na ako nang kahihiyan kahit wala akong ginagawa. Introvert mode ON. 
So, I stayed outside the area and roamed around. Introvert strikes me again and this time, it was quite hard. Really hard. It has been a longggg time the last time I encounter people whom I do not even know who. I left Johhan inside until he informed me that we need to ride the Tranvia going to CCP to visit the Balangay.
Tranvia is an electric street tram that was used to ply the streets of Manila during Exif_JPEG_420American Era. As you ride the Tranvia, the feeling of riding a jeep is almost the same, the only difference is, Tranvia is an open-air tram unlike jeepneys nowadays. As we travel, the one that put a smile on my face are the people who keep on waving to us and as a return, we wave them back. Usually, the one who rode the Tranvia is mostly students. I totally admire their dedication to the Philippines heritage and for embracing it. Passing by the ever beautiful Manila Bay is so spectacular, the only thing I worried about is the smells. 😔
On the other hand, Balangay is a Malay word meaning “sailboat. This is also known as one of the oldest watercraft found in the Philippines. It was first mentioned in Chronicles of Pigafetta and it is where the word Barangay derived from.
We reached the CCP Complex where the Balangays were temporarily docked and had the chance to see it hand to hand. Though we can’t sail due to strong waves, walking and checking around the boat is already a remarkable one. There are three Balangays, the two, Diwata nang Lahi and Sama Tawi-Tawi has their own engine while the other one, Sulu Sultan, which is the biggest, has its own sails and it depends on the direction of the wind. It was being pulled by a so-called tiririt because of no engine.


We spend an hour or 30 mins exploring the boats. Only 2 are reachable since the other one is located quite far from the port. Waves are quite too big and I was hesitant at first to went up but it challenged me and ended up standing right on top of the boat. Hahahaha!!! It was a wonderful experience though I wasn’t able to ask them how long they’ve been there since introvert is still within me.
We went back to Intramuros and that’s where the tour ended but ours is not yet done.

We had our lunch in one of the carinderias around the area and headed to National Museum of Fine Arts to attend the talk of Mr. Xiao Chua regarding Hocus.


Hocus is a one-of-a-kind exhibit in National Museum which curates by Ms. Gemma Cruz-Araneta.  It was on the 2nd floor of the said building and it just easy to find where it is. Talk is already starting when we came and there are many who got the interest to listen. I just decided to roam and look at the paintings while I was listening to Mr. Chua’s voice. Paintings are quite amusing. Why? Because it has a deeper meaning. Though I used to see paintings, this one is quite different from others. The paintings are just newly painted last year and were put into an exhibit. I was amazed at how the painting which was in Spanish periods became a millennial. It is like, discovering the secret history of life under Friars, you just need to take it deep within you.


The one caught my attention is the painting that has a name of God is Waiting.
I checked also the other rooms and found the everlasting, Parisian Girl which I always admire the most, other than Spoliarium.

Exif_JPEG_420I even checked the paintings on some of the rooms and l had the chance to see one of the paintings of Mr. Vicente Manansala.


While walking I met kids who are walking around the museum on their straight line.
I always love the pasilyo of the National Museum, it was like no other!
After the Hocus, we checked the newly opened gallery for El Filibusterismo and Noli Me Tangere. It was full of paintings which showed the chosen kabanata from the story. It was a good thing that I visited the place because it made me reminisce all the chapters I’ve read while I was still in high school. The moment you enter the place, chandeliers welcome you.


After Fine Arts, we walked towards Agrifina Circle in Luneta Park to check out the Anthropology Museum. It was the old Finance building that is why all galleries are just right with each other. If you walk along the hallway, you will see different galleries which talk about our cultures, origins and the society. The gallery which I love the most is the “Hibla ng Lahing Filipino:” The Artistry of Philippine Textiles located on 4th floor. The Galleon Trade and the Manunggol Jar which made me mesmerize and admire its own beauty.


The thing I love the place is it really looks like an Ayala Museum and there’s a garden in the middle of the building. The one in Fine Arts was left behind and already forgotten. I just do hope they will spend some time to bring back its glory because the fountain in the middle will bring Fauna around the place.
We finished our tour around 5pm and headed back on our own different ways.
It was a totally well spend rest day!
And, this is for my personal tour guide/photographer. 😂

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