Life Lately | July

July Life LatelyJuly came unexpectedly, yung tipong hindi mo napansin na July na pala because of being too busy from work.
Rainy month as it’s finest!☔ I even went to work wearing slippers and that’s because of rain. Classes got suspended and how I wish, even my work got suspended too.

Work got me sick. I’ve been into sleeping off for about three weeks and on that days, my schedule only shifted from morning to graveyard shift. No social life and puro tulog lang talaga ang ginawa ko every rest day.😴 My body even experienced being exhausted to the point, that I want to take a rest day but my week just started. I admit, I’m a sleepy head and waking up in the morning is a real struggle for me. But the good thing about morning shift is I can go home early and at the same time, I still have enough time to go and roam around the malls. Then the next day, I’ll be on graveyard shift. It gave me enough time to sleep however, wala nga lang social life. I even had the time to stayed at the hotel again for a day because of a training we needed to attend to. It’s like I’m living for my work and for my family. Kaloka!
Stress in work is not new to me, but stressful people are making it more complicated. I can’t count how many days I’ve encountered with a chill and relax day, thank God, well except Sundays because of bulk check outs and check ins. But to sum up my working life for this month, there is this little girl who gave me a tulip while I was busy dealing with a guest complaint. I wasn’t able to get her name because she ran immediately after I said thank you. She just made me realize that I’m really into my dream job.
Though working schedule overfeed me, time allowed me to treat myself once in a while. I had the chance to at least spend a day, not a sleeping off of course, to tour around and be sociable for a day. I finally visit the National Museum of Anthropology and riding a Balangay is a lifetime experience.  I even had the time to go and watch Kita Kita in movie house. Movie review will soon to be posted by yours truly.😉
I also updated my blog theme into a better one and I’m happy to say that I’m done reading HE’S INTO HER! 🎉Oh hooray, for today! After 3 months bes! HAHAHA! 😂  But due to pending blog postssss, as in postssss talaga, since I have 5 pending posts to do and edit, I’m still stuck from where you left me at the end of June. HAHAHAHAH!
About love life, next month is already 48th month of 24. 4 years in the making but still fighting for what we’ve been fighting for. ❤❤❤ Love life pa moreee! Time flies too fast.
But let me share you something, I’ve experienced something I never thought I’ll experience. Let me say, A-W-K-W-A-R-D! All caps para intense ulet.
What are you going to do if you meet the girl who has a crush with your partner? Langya! Ang AWKWARD pre! As in. I feel that someone is watching all my actions and words. Yung tipong, may mga matang nakatingin sayo. LEGIT NA FIRST TIME ITO! 🙌 I tried to be nice to her and act nicely, I think I did it perfectly. I don’t know if I’am intimidated with her or what, pero kasi ang ganda niya eh! I don’t see any imperfections whenever I see her that’s why I felt a bit jealous whenever that girl is around him. 💔
For my personal life, I started counting down for my birthday but I stopped after 1-2 days because I’m pressured. I’m still not yet ready to turn 24 because I have many things to prove not only to my family but also to myself. Tipid days are coming for the upcoming months since gastos month it is. Simot-ubos-as in ngangey! HAHAHAHA! 😂
Time came that I even decided to look for another job simply because I want a better environment and at the same time, I need to be paid for what I’ve worked for.  POSITIVITY is within me as I welcome my birth month. New working environment is an enough gift for myself and I do hope this time, I will not disappoint myself.🙏
Thank you July for a roller coaster ride, it was a stress yet an enjoyable one. I’m expecting more new experiences for this coming months.

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