Life Lately | June

June Life Lately
It’s been awhile since I’ve updated this blog of mine in terms of my personal space. But now, time allowed me to do so. 
Sorry for being too busy, work is consuming all my energy and time.

It’s already June and it’s just only 6 months before 2017 bids goodbye. New Year agad iniisip ko mga Bes! 😂 And because of that, I’ve decided to post my Life Lately not weekly but monthly. I know, you already knew the reason why I did choose monthly. It’s because, di ko kaya ang weekly Te! Kain na kain yung oras ko eh. But anyway, let me share to you my life during the month June.
June is the rainy season month here in Manila which caused me to theme my bullet journal into the touch of blue. It was a fast month which I wasn’t able to feel that much.
Gastos month because we had three events  which my family and I celebrates every year. First is my Father’s birthday, followed by Father’s Day and lastly, my parents wedding anniversary. Gastos galore mga besh! Naglahong parang bula si sweldo ko. But everything went well, we enjoyed and celebrated all events together as one. Okay lang sa gastos, basta para kila Mama. 
About personal life, dysmenorrhea strikes me again this time and the worst is, I’am at work. I thank God because I’m with my supervisor and left him at the Front Desk for me to lay down and recover. I never expected that it will strike again because it was monthsss ago when I last experienced it. Rainy weather made me hard to get up in bed and prepare for work. I’ve been down for a day and did things out of my control but everything was already been regretted. I forgive myself for what I did and next step will appear for the upcoming months. Finally, natapos ko na din panuorin ang Legend of the Blue Sea. Watching the Kdrama took me a week or more since I wasn’t hooked by the first few episodes but I tap myself at the back the moment I finished it.
I ❤ you Lee Min Ho! 
And now, I’m back reading the Season 3 of He’s Into Her. Oo na! Pangungunahan ko na, 3 months ko na siyang binabasa and up to now stuck pa din ako sa last season. Ang hahaba nang updates mga Wattpaders. 
In terms of work, Im S-T-R-E-S-S-E-D! All caps para INTENSE!
We just had an upgrade in the system and to be honest, it is not a user friendly. Nilalamon yung oras kasi madami kang kailangan i-click sa isang transaction lang. Though there are good sides but still, there are things needed to change and polish. Because of that training, I even stayed in the hotel for 3 days, 2 nights. The company allowed us to use one of the rooms for us to use since we need to attend the training and we’re on the shifting sched. It was good since for the past 3 days, it was raining every afternoon and it will be hard for us to go home while raining. The first day of live run was totally mind blown. I was the morning shift and still sleepy since namamahay ako, mga bakla! We transferred all the upcoming arrivals for that day and everything went according to plan. I went home on Friday since Saturday was my off and I’d rather choose to sleep in my bed. It was fun and challenging though.
I wasn’t able to see the month of July coming because I’d rather choose to sleep than to go and be sociable. 😂
But now, Im hoping I can do that for the month of July.
And that’s what happened for my month of June. Stress month but everything went well, thank God!

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