K-Drama: Love in the Moonlight


Kim Sung-yoon | Baek Sang-hoon
Episodes: 18
Release Date: August 22 – October 18, 2016
Romance | Comedy | Historical | Coming-of-age

Park Bo-gum as Lee Yeong 
Kim Yoo-jung as Hong Ra-on / Hong Sam-nom
Jinyoung as Kim Yoon-sung
Kwak Dong-yeon 
as Kim Byung-yeon
5 smaller

Hong Ra-On disguises herself as a man and counsels men on dating. Due to a love letter she wrote for a client, she meets Crown Prince Lee Yeong (Park Bo-Gum). Hong Ra-On is unaware that he is the Crown Prince and Lee Yeong is unaware that Hong Ra-On is a woman. The Crown Prince becomes interested in Hong Ra-On. His eunuchs become aware of this and attempt to get Hong Ra-On to become one of them.

My Point of View:

love_in_the_moonlight-p1A story of a Crown Prince that fell in love with a girl who pretends to be a Eunuch because she needs to do so. They both faced problems not only about their family’s past experiences but also the changes that they want to make for their country, especially the Crown Prince. That’s what Moonlight drawn by Clouds is all about.

This is the second drama that I’ve watched which has a historical genre after Sungkyunkwan Scandal but this one brought the romance and comedy into one slot.  I was curious when I watched the Bombastic video of Park Boo-gum, it helped me decide to watch and finish it with the span of 3 days. I didn’t regret watching it, honestly! It’s not a typical love story but it also tackles family, sense of responsibility, loyalty & betrayal, and lastly, friendship.

Every episode has its twists and turns and I admire how the director hanged every episode in the drama. The twists didn’t happen in just one shot, it looks that every episode is worth to watch for. No skips, just let the drama overcome your inner soul. Witty and humor are there and I love how each artist portrays their roles. They are still young but honestly speaking, they have a brighter future in Korean drama industry. I can’t ask for more for the performance of the artists, totally superb! If you’ll look at the drama deeply, it is quite different from others since antagonists are not that heavy. Not every person in the scenes is the antagonist, some of them helped the protagonist to attain its goal. It’s not the typical love story of a Crown Prince and his lover.

The one thing that I noticed is that the drama was put into the rush. The ending is not bad but there are questions that need answers like what happened to Ra On’s parents and Lee young’s father. I’m also concern about other character’s ending, though I love what happened with Princess Myeong-eun and Jung Duk-ho.

Moonlight drawn by clouds made me fall in love in K-drama all over again.



  • Park Bo-gum as Lee Yeong — a young Crown Prince who fell in love with his Eunuch, Hong Sam-nom. He has an understanding heart and a forgivable soul who treasures friendship and his family more than anyone else. Behind his courage and mischievousness, he has this part in his heart longing for his lost mother when he was still young. He grew with his mother’s teachings which he wants to pursue the moment he stands as the King after his father. Park Bo-gum’s charming smile makes him portray Lee Yeong as a charming Crown Prince. The way he delivered his lines as Crown prince and as friends make difference. His smile definitely brings out every charming side of the story. He knows how to play and be serious without breaking any rule as the Crown Prince. His tears fall on cue right after he delivered his lines which helped the viewers feel what he feels as Lee Young. I’m hoping for another drama portrayal from you Bo Gummy! 😍
  • Kim Yoo-jung as Hong Sam-nom | Hong Ra-on — a girl who was raised as a boy her mother to protect herself. She has a joyful heart who’s willing to share some of it with other people who needs it. She disguised as a male relationship counselor and has a pen name of  Sam-nom as a romance novel author. She became the Eunoch on which Lee Yeong fall into. Kim Yoo-jung’s young face totally portrayed how young Ra-on is. Behind the hanbok is a beautiful young girl which I think has a soft heart towards others. Though I saw how she tried to have a deep and bigger voice in portraying Sam-nom, I believe she did her best.
  • Jinyoung as Kim Yoon-sung — a scholar born to a powerful family and Lee Young’s best friend way back their childhood days. He has a friendly face who treasures friendship too much though he’s having a hard time following his grandpa’s rules for him. He is fragile as what I’ve observed as Jin-young but he totally portrayed Yoo -sun perfectly. I didn’t consider him as one of the antagonists though.
  • Kwak Dong-yeon as Kim Byung-yeon — a moonlight-drawn-by-clouds-poster8skilled swordsman who was the head of the Crown’s Prince royal guard. He is Lee Yeong’s childhood friend and at the same time, the most trusted person inside the palace. Byung-yeon’s role showed what a true friend is. Beyond all his hidden past and agenda, he still chooses to be on the Crown Prince’ side. The age gap of Dong-yeon and Bo-gum is not that big that’s why they act as if there’s no camera in front of them. Their bond like brothers and sisters that’s why you will never see awkwardness within the drama. Everything seems like reality.

Sa sobrang dami, slideshow na lang ginawa ko. hihi! 🙂



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Park Bo-gum got me by his smile! Hahahaha!


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