Stupid Love 💔

Asking for someone’s time is like begging for someone’s memory.
Too sad if they can’t give it to you.
But too painful if they just set you aside.
Unrequited love it may seems but you’re wrong in such a way.

They started like strangers, then become lovers.
How cliche if this was a story but no, it’s a true love story.
Though you felt the pain, I know at the end you’ll just forgive him and move on.

Thinking about the happy thoughts you’ve made together which keeps you holding on.
Problems are there but memories will surely be dominant.
No matter how many times it hurt you, forgiving him is the only choice you have.
Unless you want to stop and break up with him.

But Im sure, you will just give up if you get tired of understanding and not loving him.

It’s true, no matter how smart you are, love do really make you stupid.


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