Those were memories.
Happy memories I thought that I will bring until the very last page of my life.
But I was wrong.
Those were just memories that reminds me of my days being with you.
It showed how happy we were and how wide our smile is when we were together exploring the beauty of life.
As I scan them out, it seems that it was just happened yesterday. It was as fresh as a fruit which was just picked from its tree.
But everything turned out not as what I’ve expected.

We ended what we’ve started in a difficult way.
It hurts.
It hurts badly that I felt that I wasted my years being with you.
But no, I will never get mad at you.

I’m just disappointed with what happened to us, how our plans get ruined in just a blink of an eye.
With you, I finally believe in forever but everything crushed and now, forever is nowhere to be found.


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