To the Guy whom I thought is the One

Meeting you is quite unpredictable but I think, that was one of the happiest things happened in my life.
It was the time when I least expected that Cupid’s arrow will directly hit me.
I don’t have any intention to be in a relationship for that early, but you entered my world without any advice.
We thought, things are not getting along with what we want but one day, everything is in a perfect place and just waiting for us.
You courted me for too long until you heard me say “Yes”.

Days, weeks, months and years passed by, it seems that I already met the love of my life.
Finally, I can say that there’s such thing as FOREVER.
My heart is overflowed with gratefulness because He finally gave what I’m patiently waiting for.
You’re the guy who showed me what true love means.
You’re the one whom I want to spend the rest of my life with.
You’re the one whom I’m willing to surrender everything just for us to be happy.
I’m ready to present you to my parents anytime soon since I’m definitely sure about you.

But everything changed in just a snap of a finger.
I woke up one day, realizing that it’s not the same relationship that we’re fighting for.
I don’t know how long we’ve been into it, all I know is we’re having our own separate ways. I’ve realized plenty of things and I want to share it with you but time doesn’t want me to do so. 

It’s true,
LOVE alone is not enough to make a relationship work.
It’s true,
that if you know how to KEEP your woman, then, she will surely stay.
It’s true,
that in a RELATIONSHIP, you should both grow together in order to keep each other in the future.

But here I am, willing to give up those memorable moments which we’ve shared.
I don’t want to end this but my heart and mind keep on telling to give up since nothing’s working.

I know it’s hard but we need to accept the fact that it’s not yet the right time.
It’s not yet the right time to fall in love.
We might have a perfect love but destiny pushes us off.
I believe that if we’re meant to be, we will surely meet in the future and maybe that’s the right time.
If not, then thank you for showing me what true love means.
Thank you for making me feel that a guy can truly love me behind all my craziness and moodiness in life.
I know it’s not the end, we’re just starting to build our own life separately.
Thank you for everything we’ve shared.
And before anything else, let me tell you this.

I didn’t regret that I let you entered my life. Thank you for being my shoulder to lean on when no one even cares. You will surely have that space in my heart, no matter what.


Until we meet again,


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