To the Girl who cried because of him

Hey girl!
Get back to your senses and never let your tiara falls.
Live your own life that you ever wanted to be.
Don’t let him be the reason of your sadness and tears today.
Oh okay, you can cry for tonight but just for a night.
No more second, nor third, nor fourth.
Once is enough but twice is too much, my dear.

Love will make you cry over a thousand river but that doesn’t mean that your life will stop when everything’s over.
Remember, you grew up without him therefore, you can be happy without him!
Be the girl whom everyone loves before he came into your life.
Don’t let sadness overcome your happiness.
He doesn’t deserve you or maybe, you don’t deserve each other.
But please, enough of being stupid and fix your life!
Everything happens for a reason.

Go ahead, new things and new experiences awaits you.


2 thoughts on “To the Girl who cried because of him

  1. hi!
    Me parece muy atinada tu criterio sobre este motivo.
    Desde hace cierto tiempo ando algo rayado con este tema e intento leer mucho sobre ello.
    La intervención que has concluido me ha parecido muy servible, no
    obstante creo que se podría ahondar un poco más y de igual modo poder clarificar diversas
    dudas que todavía sostengo. De todas maneras, mil gracias por tu
    contribución. Voy a estar interesado a cercanas difusiones que confecciones.
    Mil gracias.
    Un saludo.


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