Thoughts of a 22nd turned 23rd

Every year added to your life brings another opportunity ahead.

Being 22 is not really bad at all. I’ve learned too many things that I never thought that I’ll encounter at this very young age.
Don’t get me wrong, 22 is not that old. 😉

As far as I remembered, I welcomed my 22nd birthday last year with a saying “The best is yet to come”. I found myself in the finish line already, things are getting better than I ever thought. Many lessons have learned, tears randomly fall, sadness appeared but happiness conquers. It was a roller coaster ride that ended at a smooth pace.

Now, one door closed and another opens. I just want to share all the things I learned as a 22-year-old girl who was lost before she reached that age.

bddfa0048438a892716c5497b3e6a461Inner Self.
Let’s face the fact that no matter how many friends you have, at the end of the day, you will see yourself all alone, sitting on your bed and thinking all the problems you’ve been having through.
No one will do the honor to help you go through these problems other than yourself. Yes, you do have received different advice from those friends whom you trust but let me ask you, 
“Is they are the one who’s having a problem?”
Well, I know that you know the answer already. But it’s all up to you if you’re going to take their advice or do it on your own.
No one will help you other than yourself is I think, the best lesson I’ve learned as a 22-year-old and I will surely take it towards 23.

It hurts!
That no matter how too much kindness you showed to each person you’ve met, is they will never return it back to you. But hey!
Kindness is not a type of thing that you need to receive if you gave one. It is an attitude that you need to show in order to have a peaceful life.
Well, that’s my opinion.
I’ve met people who don’t know the meaning of kindness but I don’t care. It’s not a must that if you gave kindness, they will return it to you.
At the end of the day, you will thank yourself for being true and kind towards other no matter how rude they are towards you.
No to wrinkles, please! Haha!
Honestly speaking, when you get older that’s the time where you will appreciate those people who stay at your side no matter how busy you are with work. That’s why you’ll rather choose friendship than any other material things here on Earth.
Let’s be wise!
Material things will never help you when the world starts to turn not the way you used to be. When things get wrong, problems occur and stress is surrounding you, they will never help to ease you other than your true friends.

686169d47c52f0a2f8c2f656b877f5a1Let’s talk about LOVE.
A feeling that everyone deserves to feel. This is merely a fact that you can’t push someone’s feelings to love you in return.
Hindi porket sinabihan mo ang isang tao ng “Mahal kita” ay “Mahal din kita” ang isasagot niya sayo.
That’s a fact that everyone should know.
LOVE is a gamble on which everyone is afraid to lose. I know it’s hard to accept the fact that the one you love can’t love you back but that’s the reality we need to accept. From the very first moment you enter the World of Love, make it sure that you’re ready to experience heartbreaks. Because heartbreaks and tears are just a few feelings you need to surrender if you want to fall in love.
But, what’s good about loving is you’re having the chance to express what your heart desires and needs, just be careful to whom you’re going to give it.

fa8cd32b5de9e64ffa33912a8994b4b5This time, it’s about FRIENDSHIP.
It’s not about how long you’ve known each other but it’s about how you’ve known each other’s movement and words. That’s how I define friendship. NO matter how busy you are with your own life, true friends will never leave you through thick and thin. Though sometimes, showing up on different occasions like birthday or any gathering, she fails, it doesn’t measure there. I think the one who never leaves you in times of problems, the one whom you can call when you need someone to talk to and the one who yells at you when you did something stupid is a TRUE FRIEND.


As we grow older, faith strengthens. That’s what I’ve realized all throughout. I’m not the type of person who obliges myself to attend mass every Sunday but rather, I’m the one who wants to talk to Him and say the things I can’t share with others. I consider Him as my pillar other than my parents. He’s there listening 24/7, no matter how busy I was from work. I do sometimes forget Him and sleep without thanking Him but His treatment didn’t change at all. There are times in my life that my heart was troubled and I found myself walking towards a church that I never thought that I will do during that day.
I know He’s listening though at times I forget Him but still, I’m thankful to have Him.


This is really true! Your attitude defines everything you experienced in life. You shouldn’t question someone’s ability towards work. As long as he/she can handle things, leave it to him/her. There are times in life that people respects you not because of your position but the way you respect them.
I honestly believe in saying “Don’t do unto others, what you don’t want to do unto you“. Pero kung sila ay hindi alam ang quotation na yun, then doon na papasok ang salitang Understand every person’s attitude and situationWell, at the end of the day, hindi naman ikaw yung maapektuhan. As long as you know you’re doing the right thing in your job then, leave them be.


Who will motivate you the moment you open your eyes in the morning?
No other than, YOU!
No matter how many tears you shed last night, no matter how late you slept last night or no matter how many problems you’re having through, give it a SMILE. Nothing will happen if you’ll just cry all night nor slept so late thinking all those problems. All you have to do is to be positive for the coming days and think that “EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON“. This is an advice from a girl who experienced those things and decided to leave them behind.


Talking about family, they are my strength and weakness as I grow old. I’m very lucky to have a wonderful family who supports all my plans in life. I can’t ask for more.
They are the reason why I worked every day and buy things for them like they were to me when I was still a child. I’m returning the favor with all my heart and it’s my pleasure to serve and take care of them. Seeing them smile brings happiness to my heart but seeing them having some problems, I can’t take it more than anyone else. I LOVE THEM MORE THAN MY FUTURE HUSBAND. HAHAHAHAHA!!


After all the problems, happiness, tears, laughter and all the kinds of stuff that happened, at the end of the day, don’t forget to THANK GOD for all the blessings. No matter how painful nor happy the day is, let’s give to HIM. He has reasons why it’s happening in your life now.

Now that I’m 23 years old already, these things helped me to be the woman who I’m today and I thank everyone whom I met and stayed and also those people whom I met but left. Well, nothing lasts forever other than love.

Let’s face tomorrow with the positive outlook and welcome my 23 years of existence here on Earth in a lighter mood.





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