K-Drama: Please Come Back, Mister


Shin Yoon-sub
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 24 – April 14, 2015
Romance | Comedy | Melodrama | Family |
Oh Yeon-seo
Kim In-kwon
Kim Soo-ro
Lee Min-Jung
5 smaller

A man is worked to death, but he comes back to the living world in the attractive body of another man for a limited amount of time.

Lee Hae-Joon (Rain) is a perfect man with good looking appearance. He works as a section chief in the women’s apparel section at a department store. His body is actually possessed by the spirit of Kim Young-Soo (Kim In-Kwon) who was worked to death.

Hong Nan (Oh Yeon-Seo) is a beautiful woman, but her spirit is possessed by tough guy (Kim Su-Ro).

Shin Da-Hye (Lee Min-Jung) is a beautiful housewife, but her husband suddenly dies. She falls into a love triangle with Lee Hae-Joon and a promising store employee (Yoon Park).

My Point of View:
Please Come Back, Mister was suggested by a friend of mine and was encouraged to watched since I saw Rain as one of the lead characters. At first, I’m having doubt on watching this since the genre is quite a melodrama but I took the risk and watched until the very last episode.
It amazed me on how complicated the story plot and I saw the professionalism in each chosen characters.
This drama leaves lessons about life, family, friends and workplace problems which made it more interesting to watch.


The Plot:
The story is about two men who died wrongfully but had the chance to get back to the living in accordance to conclude their unfinished business. However, they were reincarnated on different bodies of a beautiful woman and a handsome guy with certain strict conditions.

Though first few episodes are heartbreaking, everything changed when reincarnation begins. Every episode is unpredictable and mind blowing, to the fact that you’ll never know what will happen next. Humor is there but delivered in a different way, romance is present but that doesn’t center there since you’ll seriously laugh and cry at the same time. There are times while watching, I asked myself if I’ll cry or I’ll laugh because you honestly don’t know what to feel. But every scenario will surely hit your heart straight.2

The Characters:

  • Rain as Lee Hae-Joon/ Kim Young-Soo

1How do I describe him? Playing two different people, not at the same time but at different characteristics is quite hard for him, for sure.
Lee Hae-Joon is the person who stands as the chief of the Sunjin Department Store on which Kim Young-Soo worked before he died. But everything changed when Young-Soo reincarnated in the body of Hae-Joon.
It’s definitely wonderful to see Rain again in a K-drama and he nailed it! Compared to his former drama which is Full House (that’s the last drama which I watched under Rain), he is absolutely different here. The rain showed his other side especially when it is about humor, despite the fact that we all know how well he delivered lines when it’s about drama, he is still different from this one. He needs to shift his feelings from sad into a happy one because that’s what the scene is asking for.
Honestly, he is the one who brought up the humor for the whole drama, thanks to his partner in crime which helped him in delivering every scene.

  • Oh Yeon-Seo as Han Hong-Nan/ Han Gi-Tak

She is a pretty woman and Gi-Tak reincarnated on Hong-Nan’s body. You get the point? Hahaha! Well, that’s where the twist occurred.
I loved her from the moment she showed up on the scene and she did a very superb job since she tried her very best to act like a man. I admire how she’s comfortable in acting together with Rain, they look like siblings, annoying one another. Seeing her cry in some scenes which made me salute her. Her tears drop exactly where it needed the most. I know, I adore her so much!3

  • Other Characters

Kim In-Kwon as Kim Young-So and Kim Soo-Ro as Han Gi-Tak are two ajhussi who died and reincarnated into Hong-Nan and Hae-Joon’s body. Their friendship showed how important each other to them when someone is in danger, someone is at their back to defend them. The relationship between them develops as every scenario occurs and I love how they become related to each other.

Other than them, all characters are very well appointed and chosen to their selected characters. Perfectly imperfect anyway 😉

Favorite Scenes:

  • Fashion Show Practice

This is where Hong-Nan and Hae-Joon need to practice for a fashion show on which they are the main model for modeling Sunjin’s apparel.

  • Gangster Entrance

For me, this is the coolest scene I saw within the story. It is where Hong-Nan together with her gangster friends made an enter and pretend that Hong-Nan was kidnapped by someone that they’ll trap.

  • A Date with his Husband

I think the scene is located in the storage room of the building on which Da-Hye light a candle for his husband and bid goodbye to a carriage with no wheels.

  • Lights off at 7pm

The best, I mean, the most beautiful scene I saw. Hae-Joon advised every employee on the store that they’ll be closing at exactly 7pm, together with this, he asked Da-Hye to have a date with her and he brought her to their garden on which was prepared as a dinner outside their house.

  • Knulp

The scene in which Knulp, Gi-Tak’s former restaurant was back under his sister name, Hong-Nan.

  • Dinner at the Resto

The dinner on which Hong-nan and Hae-Joon prepared for Da-Hye to finally have a dinner with Young-Soo.Screenshot_2016-08-17-09-44-04

The totality of the story, it’s remarkable! Worth watching!Screenshot_2016-07-31-20-04-38



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