K-Drama: Oh my Ghostess

Oh my Ghostess.jpgDirector:
Yoo Je-won
Episodes: 16
Release Date: July 03 – August 22, 2015
Romance | Comedy | Drama
Park Bo-young
Jo Jung-suk
Kim Seul-gie

4 smaller


A romantic comedy drama about Na Bong-seon who is possessed by a ghost and chef Kang Seon-woo who doesn’t believe in ghosts.

My Point of View (POV):

oh my ghostess1Oh, shocks! This movie review pends for almost a month now. A busy person over here! Anyway, since I already have enough time to post and edit this one, here it is fellas!
Oh, my Ghostess is quite new to me since the genre is too different from all the K-drama that I’ve watched before. Mixed emotions, from warm, light to dark scenes that I never thought that it is composed of. This is the type of drama that tackles about paranormal things like ghosts and possession.
How can someone combine possession and romance into a one comedy-drama right? It is too unbelievable but still, it is fascinating.

The Plot:

The story centers about a gossip-lusty-virgin ghost named Shin Soon-ae, who wants to resolve her grudge by seducing a man and sleep with him. But the thing is she can’t do it to anyone she meets instead, she needs to find the man of vitality on which she finds into Chef Kang Sun-woo. Who was the boss of Na Bong-sun that can see paranormal ghosts since she inherits the shaman blood of her Grandmother.

My first perception regarding with the show is quite heavy since it tackles about possession and ghosts. I never thought that the writer has the idea to make the story light no matter how dark the main thought of it. I think the characteristics of each character helped to lessen the heavy side of it knowing how well the characters portrayed their roles. It has an unexpected and unpredictable way of the story since I’ve had a hard time knowing who the main characters are.

Questions appeared inside my head asking who is who and which is which. It is really hard to predict what will be the ending since you’ll never know who will be the protagonist until you see the real attitude of each character.

Manic-depressive-misguided-romance is what the show it seems but everything flows perfectly on which I’ve eventually fallen in love though sometimes, the dark side of the story shows up. Thanks for the funny and witty dialogues, it made the show perfect.

The Characters:

  • Park Bo-young as Na Bong-sun

park bo young.jpgWell, she’s a timid- shy-introvert type of a person who lacks self-confidence but has a heart in cooking. She has a secret feeling towards Kang Sun Woo who was his boss. She sees ghosts on which she fears to be possessed of. But one day, she was possessed by Soon Ae.
I adore how well she portrayed her role especially when Soon Ae starts to possess her. I was amazed on how she differentiates Bong-Sun and Soon-Ae that ends me to love Bo-Young.  She moves and acts like she was really Soon Ae that’s why I had a hard time knowing which is which. Honestly speaking, from the way she speaks up to the way she walks it looks like Seul-gi really possessed her. I think, she really studies how Seul-gi moves and talks, hands down to your effort Bo-Young!
Plus! She has a petite body that made her cute and lovable. 🙂

  • Jo Jung-suk as Kang Sun-woo

kang sun woo.jpgI love how grumpy but lovable chef he is. Though he is so full of himself, you’ll see how easily he gets hurt. A family oriented guy on which you will absolutely fall in love.
A bit arrogant who likes to boast about himself but has a soft heart towards her sister.
He acts like he is Sun-woo himself which made me like him. Though he’s grumpy, he is too sweet and clingy at the same time which made me smile. A very reserved guy on the other way around. I’m totally fell in love when I find out that he really knows how to sing and play the guitar.

  • Kim Seul-Gi as Shin Soon-Ae

shin soon ae.jpgThough I dislike some of her characters since I prefer Bung Soon, she showed how much she cares about her family especially towards his father and only brother. She showed how to keep a promise a someone whom she treated as a friend. Though she’s a lost soul, you will see how jolly and optimistic she is.

Regarding with Seul-gi’s portrayal, she knows how to play her movements which really showed the positive side of the character. Every emotion is hit straight from the heart especially during heavy scenes.

na bong-soon aw.jpgI think, with her relationship with Bo-young, they might be considered as best of friends ❤

All in all, the show was really great which brought some butterflies inside my stomach. I felt the hardship of each character’s hidden feelings towards each other. The unpredictable turnout of events that made me guess more and more until I hit the right one.

Favorite Scenes:
Here are the lists of my favorite scenes on which made me feel loved and put a smile on my face.
*spoiler alert!*

  1. Random group celebrations.
    It showed how close and comfortable they are with each other. It’s a good thing to find people who accept you as you are.
    Special mention to Min-soo 🙂
  2.  Bouquet of red roses as a peace offering.
    This scene made me laugh because it showed how high Sun-woo’s ego is. But I felt how sincere he is of being too jealous.
  3. The modeling scene.
    As far as I remember, this is the scene in which Sun-woo described Bong-sun when someone asked him what’s his ideal lady. ❤
  4. I saw him kissed her.
    It hurts!
    That’s what I felt when I saw this scene. You saw your special someone kissed the girl whom you possessed of ABSOLUTELY, it kills you!
  5. Bike scene
    This made me laugh because Sun-woo teaches Bong-sun on how to ride a bike.
    How sweetttt!!
    The song which made me LSS for more than 2 days. This is the song they sang for Min-soo’s birthday. Haha!!Screenshot_2016-05-15-13-18-38
  7. Gimme a chocolate ❤
    This is the scene which I totally fell in love with Sun-woo!
    *Kilig! Tagos hanggang buto!*

To sum it all, there are some flaws but sweet and witty dialogues covered them up that will surely be made you fall in love with the show and can’t wait to watch the next episode. Honestly, I watched this when I’m on my way to work and it’s too crazy that I smile while watching this and riding the bus at the same time.Every character are too lovable to forget them too easily especially Min-soo who brought up the humor all throughout the show.
Unlike other shows, though it has a dark concept the characteristics of each character made it too easy to watch. I didn’t regret watching this!

Surely recommend to those K-drama lovers! 🙂




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