A Reserved One

He was a reserved man.
A man who chooses to be quiet than to express his own opinion.
Who notice everything but no one notice him.
Who knows everyone’s weaknesses and strengths yet he keeps it to himself.
Who considered as a good listener and not a speaker.
Who rather stays calm when he’s in an argument.
Who thinks not only himself but for others.
Who understands every person’s reasons for life.
Who doesn’t share his feelings, thoughts, and emotions too easily
Who patiently waits for her princess at the right time.
No, he’s not playing safe, he’s just taking things slowly.
He’s not a player, he just wants to spend his time courting the girl he thinks he deserves.
He’s not shy, he just doesn’t want to be bold like other men do.
And it’s okay if some girls don’t understand him.
But one day, everything changed

And it’s all because of a GIRL.


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