An Introvert

She was an introvert,
A girl who’s afraid to be recognized while walking down the street.
Who rather stays at home and read books all day long.
Who loves to hang out with those few people whom she considered as true friends.
Who talks minimal but writes boldly.
Who rather choose to be called lonely instead of socialist.
Who’s literally quiet yet she has the loudest mind among the group.
Who wants to be surrounded by true people than fake ones.
Who loves rain than sunlight.
Who’s willing to spend her time reading than malling.
Who rather choose to sleep than hanging out.
Who thinks more than what she says.

No, she’s not an anti-social, she’s just there observing with every move of every person surrounding her.
She’s not a loner, she’s just listening to every word that’s coming out of your mouth.
And it’s okay if she didn’t talk to anyone for a while.
But one day, everything changed

And it’s all because of a GUY.



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