An Introvert

An Introvert

She was an introvert,

A girl who’s afraid to be recognized while walking down the street.

Who rather stays at home and read books all day long.

Who loves to hang out with those few people whom she considered as true friends.

Who talks minimal but writes boldly.

Who rather choose to be called lonely instead of socialist.

Who’s literally quiet yet she has the loudest mind among the group.

Who wants to be surrounded with true people than fake ones.

Who loves rain than sun light.

Who’s willing to spend her time reading than malling.

Who rather choose sleeping than hanging out.

Who thinks more than what she says.

No, she’s not an anti-social, she’s just there observing with every move of every person surrounding her.

She’s not a loner, she’s just listening with every words that’s coming out of your mouth.

And it’s okay if she didn’t talk to anyone for a while.

But one day, everything changed

And it’s all because of a GUY.



Book Review: Disminoriya

Lapis sa Kalye Writers (lapissakalye)
Short stories and poems collections
Published under Lapis sa Kalye
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Halina sa mundo ng makabagong Maria Clara.

Sa mundong akala mo’y pamilyar, ngunit malalim ang kinukubling liwanag. Sisirin ang hapdi at kirot at namnamin ang sustansya ng isang anghel at ng isang haliparot.

Narito ang istorya ng iba’t ibang babae, bilang isang kaibigan, anak, ina at minamahal.

Halina sa mundo ng Disminoriya.

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Unending What If’s

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WHAT IF it worked out?
WHAT IF he really mean what he said?
WHAT IF he lied to me?
WHAT IF he’s just playing with my feelings?
WHAT IF HE’s the one for me?

I considered these things as the UNENDING WHAT IF’S. They will just be put off unless you’ll give it a try. You will never learn unless you’re willing to learn and that is when you need to swallow all your worries and go what your heart speaks for you.

Well, I’ll be direct.
It’s about a friend of mine who’s having her what if’s regarding to a person whom he was just met over the internet. Unthinkable it may seems but HEY, we’re in world in which technologies are spinning around us. There’s nothing new in that.

You met him over the internet
Had the time to know him/her better.
‘Cos we’re getting to know each other, a little too well
As the days go by, admiration develops until your heart gives in.

But wait!
How can someone’s heart gives in if her mind is full of what if’s?
Even me, if I met someone over the internet I’m sure he will be needing months to at least make me believe in everything he said.The thing is,


I will never talk about ends since anything can happen as long as you are READY to face everything in behalf of taking the chances.


Only you will lose when you just GAVE UP when the game is just starting.

Same with LOVE.
is something you need to fight for. You don’t just sit there and wait for the cupid to aim your destined partner. You need to get out of your box and walk like nothing happened in your past. You will never find your happiness if you, yourself is the one blocking it.

If it’s MEANT to be then, it’s all WORTH IT.If NOT, then at least you TRY and you LEARNED.

Let me remind you,