K-Drama: Kill Me, Heal Me

Kim Jin-man
Episodes: 20
Release Date:  Jan. 7 – March 12, 2015
Romantic, Comedy, Suspense, Medical, Mystery
Ji Sung
Hwang Jung-eum
Park Seo-joon
Oh Min-seok
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A romantic comedy about a third-generation billionaire with Dissociative Identity Disorder and a first-year Psychiatrist resident who treats him secretly.

After a traumatic experience in his childhood, Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) suffers memory lapses and his personality then scattered into seven different identities. A resident doctor, Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum), is a beautiful, innocent, and popular woman on the surface, but she and her twin brother, Oh Ri On (Park Seo Joon), hide different facades. Oh Ri Jin is money-oriented, has messy habits, and dreams to be a pro wrestler; while Oh Ri On acts like a fool despite actually being a genius writer of detective novels.

My P.O.V (Point of View):

I was sick for a week now and was advised to have a bed rest but I’ am not used to doing nothing so I decided to look for something to watch. It’s been months since I watched a K-drama and since I was too busy with work, I’m not updated to the dramas that I should watch. I ended up asking my friend’s advice on what should I watch because, like me, she’s an avid K-pop fan. (Oh! Hi there Cherry Woo!). She gave me three choices, Who Are You: School 2015, Healer, and Kill me Heal me. After some research about these three, it turned out for me to choose to Kill Me, Heal Me.

Sungkyunkwan Scandal, Rooftop Prince and Coffee Prince are just a few of those K-dramas which I really like the most. But this drama deserves to be one of them, why? Because it’s mind-blowing!


The Plot:

           Kill Me, Heal Me…

Based on the title, it seems that there is someone that the leading character should be killed or heal. The protagonist might be killed in order for someone to heal. Well, that is me. I usually do some predictions based on the title itself but for this one, everything I thought was wrong.

I was astounded at how intelligent the writer, Jin Soo-wan, to have this kind of story. The plot is undoubtedly one of the well-written and smart plots in the history of K-drama. It was unexpected and unpredictable episodes that if you are watching it on television, you will be left speechless. Also the feeling of getting excited and annoyed at the same time for the next episodes that might come in the next day. I’ am lucky that it is already finished airing when I watched it so I didn’t have the feeling of bothersome but I felt that I need to finish it immediately because my mind is disturbing me.

Kill me Heal me is a mixture of every genre, from comedy to romance, to mystery up to suspense. Seriously, every episode is full of everything and when I say everything it is from light to heavy feelings. It is like you are having your full meal, from appetizer to dessert which will leave you hanging.

The humor, romance, and serious scenes are very well diverse though sometimes, bringing up the past memories repeatedly made some episodes too focused on the past.

The main idea of having multiple disorder is quite complicated and unique though it is not just about two or three personalities but seven. Putting a female lead character to stand as his psychiatrist is not new to me. But making everything which happened in the past connects into the present made it more interesting to watch. Though some parts are to cliché, it didn’t erase the fact that the story merely focuses on the multiple personality disorder. It was interesting to watch that the personalities themselves made their own signature look and styles. Seeing how they conveyed their love to the female lead character is worth watching. The consistency of each episode is well managed, from the first episode up to its ending.

I think some of the characters are not those too important like Han Chae Yeon and Cha Ki Joon. They appeared in some episodes but I think, they are not that too important because they don’t have an impact on the main story outline. Well, maybe at some point but not on the main part. Another thing is the repeated occurrence of the past was kind of annoying especially when Do Hyun remembered his past. In the end, I felt a bit disappointed about a number of unfinished stories in the plot. The people around them, like Cha Do Hyun’s parents, the Seungjin Company as well as Han Chae Yeon and Cha Ki Joon. I don’t know if they leave it just like that or they still have in mind the second part of the drama.

The Characters:

  • Ji- Sung as Cha Do-Hyun
    Hats off to the acting skills of Ji Sung!

cha do yun.pngThis is the first K-drama that I’ve seen his face and I felt sorry that I underestimated him. My first impression of him as he is too innocent based on his face. I never thought how good artist he is until I watched him do all the seven different identities perfectly. I saw how professional Ji Sung is while portraying those identities, it is like he loves what he is doing. He is very comfortable in front of the screen and you will truly see and feel the emotions which he wants to show. Ji Sung portrays the main leading character Cha Do Hyun effortlessly, it seems like he is used to be a kindhearted man who doesn’t use violence against others.
But do you know the main reason why I admire Ji Sung’s skills? That is because the other six personalities which he portrays.

A. Shin Se-Gi
shin se gi.png
I can say that Shin- Se Gi is the most handsome from all the identities that Cha Do Hyun have. He is a handsome guy with a bad boy image and has the strong desire to live the life of his own. Though he is a bad boy, you will see how charming he is especially in front of Ri Jin. He does whatever he wants to do without caring about others that is why Cha Do Hyun is the one who fix every problem he did when he came back to his senses. You will see the difference of Shin Se Gi to Cha Do Hyun through his fashion, the way he speaks and especially, his gaze.

B. Perry Park
perry park.jpg
Perry Park, on the other hand, is a cool 40-year old ajhussi who loves to drink, fishing and making bombs. Aside from the way he speaks, he speaks the Jeolla dialect, he usually loves to wear a polo with printed flowers with a beach hat to compliment it. He has the sense of humor that is why he is the second identity which I like the most.

C. Ahn Yo Na
yo na
Ahn Yo Na, my favorite identity among them, is the twin sister of Ahn Yo Sub. She is a delinquent and jolly young girl who loves makeup, adore handsome men and hates the teeth of Oh Ri Jin. She called every handsome guy she sees, “Oppa!” that is why she is very hard to leave alone because she will surely run after her Oppa! You will know if she appeared when the environment turns pink and his clothes turn to be a pink school uniform as well.
It is very uncanny how Ji Sung portrayed Yo Na! From the way he talks, the way he walks up to the way he runs! It is very unbelievable and incredible on how Ji Sung transferred into a young girl and flawlessly portray Yo Na’s role in the story. Whenever Yo Na appears on the screen, I’ am very sure that funny scenes are on its way.

D. Ahn Yo Sub
Ahn Yo Sub, Yo Na’s twin brother, has a suicidal character and wants to kill himself every time until he met Ri Jin. He is an intelligent and artistic introvert young boy. Unlike Yo Na, Yo Sub is a quiet type of person who prefers to be alone. He usually wears a school uniform with the jacket on top and eyeglasses.

E. Nana
Nana is a 7-year-old girl Oh Ri Jin who owns a teddy bear which she named Nana. She rarely appeared on the scene but usually, she always has the teddy bear beside her.


F. Mr. X
mr x
Lastly, Mr. X is the last identity which just appeared before the story end. He just showed maybe twice or thrice in the story but he made a big help to Cha Do- Hyun. He is a person who wears a top hat with a cap, an outfit like a magician.

These are the seven identities which Ji Sung portrayed that made me admire him. From a serious, kind-hearted man into a bad boy image, a cool ajhussi, a delinquent young girl, a suicidal character, a 7-year-old girl and a magician look guy. Through all these, the flexibility in Ji Sung’s character appeared. I never thought he could manage to portray all those seven characteristics especially Yo Na’s personality. He manages it effortlessly especially during the times when Cha Do Hyun sudden changes in Yo Na and then Yo Sub and then other alters. I can see the professionalism as an artist in him.


  • Hwang Jung-eum as Oh Ri Jin

        Oh Ri Jin-shiiiii!!!”ri jin.jpg
Well, I love how Hwang Jung-eum portrays her role as Oh Ri Jin who is a short-tempered psychiatrist. This is not my first drama to watch Hwang Jung-eum but she is a way back too different from the role she had from the Full House 2. She is not afraid to get ugly in front of the screen and portray the character perfectly. One of the reasons why I continue watching this drama is her actions, though sometimes it may look overacting at the end, it suits perfectly to the character she has. I also observed that her crying acting is I think the best among the other artist in K-drama. The tears fell right on cue where emotions are flowing together with Ji Sung. On the episodes, you will see how simple and comfortable Ri Jin is in her surroundings together with his male leading character. She is undeniably pulling off her character very well.

  • Park Seo-joon as Oh Ri On

ri on.jpgA famous mystery novelist writer under a pseudonym Omega is Oh Ri Jin’s twin brother. I love the closeness of the twin with each other, from the crazy things they do up to the times they both have problems. He is a comical and childish man when he’s in front of his sister, Ri Jin, but turns to be a serious and gentleman when seeing his sister cries. This is the first time I saw his face, Park Seo Joon, but I commend his way of acting. I don’t see awkwardness while watching the drama though some scenes are too hard to do especially that kiss thingy.

All in all, the characters are very well portrayed by the selected artist and it really fits them well. They are very comfortable in front of the camera and they don’t even care if they look ugly or what on the shoot as long as they do their best. I think these three artists really brought the true essence of the story.

Favorite Scenes:


  1. aJanuary Seven, 2015 at 10’o clock on the dot. I fell in love with you”Shin Se Gi
    This is the main reason why I hook up in the drama, many questions appeared as for how do Se Gi fell in love with Ri Jin. It seems like, every angle, music, and emotion is just too perfect. What’s with 10’o clock anyway?
  2. KILL ME to HEAL ME!
    I love this scene simply because it explained the reason why the show titled “Kill Me, Heal Me” is. This is a unique episode for me because not all dramas can explain their own titles. I think this is the part where the story really starts.
  3.  SUCCESS!
    This is the time when Yo Na finally had the chance to kiss Ri On! Her Oppa! Though at the other side of my mind, I was already praising Ji Sung and Park Seo Joon on how professional there are to do this scene without awkwardness.
  4.  Lunar Year with the Oh Family
    During this episode, I saw an almost perfect family of Oh family. No matter how simple their life is, they celebrate family’s love together as one. This family also showed Cha Do Hyun how lucky Ri On and Ri Jin to have this kind of parents. Though Do Hyun is not their child, they warm-heartedly welcome Do Hyun as Perry Park.
  5.  Team ROCKET!
    I do always love the closeness of Ri On and Ri Jin as twin sister-brother. I love how they called each other, “Hey Brother/Sister!” though they have a hard time in speaking English, I still find it cute. Performing the Team Rocket chant and finished walking in their separate ways without saying a word made this scene as one of my favorite.
  6. r“I’m Cha Do Hyun”
    Ohh! I feel some butterflies in my stomach! The love is in the air the moment Cha Do Hyun finally introduces himself.

“I, who has this face and the look in my eye. I’m Cha Do Hyun.”

  1. k.jpg“I’ll do it with you”— Oh Ri Jin
    It is like, US AGAINST THE WORLD. Ri Jin is now ready to face everything with Do Hyun while Do Hyun is ready to face his painful past no matter what happens.


    I can say that this is the most heart touching scene in the story, bidding goodbye to your past and willing to face the future with the person who stays beside you all throughout.


But behind all of this, the best part for me I think is when Oh Ri Jin bids her goodbye to the other identities who become attached to her. You will see the pain of losing someone but at the same time, she felt happy for Cha Do Hyun who finally recovered from his painful past.

To sum it all, the story and the artists made it perfect and was the reason why I made this drama review! Every episode is a mind-boggling and it will make you think of all the possible things that happened. You will ask yourself if things you want to know will happen in this episode or what new things might appear, it’s unexpected. I want to mention how great the director is to find humor in serious moments. As well as how great the past memories intertwine with the other scenes, it seems like they spoil things slowly but surely. It has its own story line up, from light into momentum and left you with some cliff-hanging scene. You will also feel every kind of emotion that you should have during the scenes. The butterflies inside your stomach when Cha Do Hyun hugged or kiss Oh Ri Jin (Oh! I still can feel it! Kinikilig ako! Hahaha!), the pain that they both have and the humor which they showed throughout the story. The story exceeds my expectations and I’ am very happy that I decided to watch this K-drama. I think this drama deserved to be called as the K-Drama of the year!

Well, I will surely recommend this to all those K-drama lovers out there! It’s time for you to taste some new plot story!

Many flaws but still I love this show!try1.png



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