I’am preoccupied.

Preoccupied with work.

Yes, that is the main reason why I’m staring blankly for the past few days.

Thinking how am I going to get through with all these things that bugs my mind.

Realization occurred and I now believes that no one will help yourself other than you and your family.

Though you’ve treat people kind, they will never help you especially in times of need. Anyway, who am I to be treated like the way I treat them.

It is hard to think that not all people whom you treat kind, will be kind to you too.

Remember, life is a struggle in where we need not only to find our purpose but also to find out who are those people whom we can trust and consider as a treasure like the one you find in the deep of the ocean.

I’am hurt but I can’t do anything since I’am a goody goody girl. I’m afraid to do my own move since I’am an introvert.

Being kind and being an introvert.

It sucks I know!




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