Presenting: Jahric Lago

Hello everyone!
After all the crazy things I’ve done for the past few weeks, I’ve finally decided to do a review about an author who do I always support.
I don’t know how to introduce him but maybe I should just get some from his accounts.


Jahric Lago: (Facebook, Blogger, Wattpad)
SINGLE (teka, paano napasok ito dito?)
A writer
A published author
Event host and mostly,
A huge Mariah Carey fan.
And I’m proud to say that, he’s a friend of mine.

Other than that, he is the former Editor-in-Chief of Valley Voice in PLMar Center for Public Affairs, Information, and Publications Services.
He is a graduate of Bachelor of Science in Hotel and Restaurant Management as Cum Laude (dinaig mo ako dito friend!)and Journalist of the Year in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.
He lives in Manila, Philippines writing his new book while listening to Mariah Carey’s music.


  1. Kindly tell me a little about yourself. Your age, current work, attainments and the like.
    I’ am 23 years old now and will be 24 this March 25. Waaah! Tatanda na naman ako. Haha! I am currently a pastry baker at J.Co Donuts & Coffee and I am also busy writing my next book for PSICOM Publishing.
  2. Single, Married, In a relationship or COMPLICATED? Don’t get me wrong! Hahaha!
    I’ am single and ready to mingle! Haha! Could also be in a complicated mood. Kasi complicated talaga maging single, mahirap magisa! Haha!
  3. Introvert or Extrovert?
    Both. Introvert ako every time I am my writer self. Tipong gusto ko nasa bahay lang ako nagsusulat o nasa library o bookstore para magbasa at mag-isip isip ng puwedeng isulat. May boring side din kasi ako. But I actually find my boring side to be fun, eh. I love writing and reading books kasi. But most of myself is an extrovert. Someone who loves traveling, meeting new people, trying new cuisines, hanging out with friends and living my life to the fullest!
  4. Long road or Short road?
    Long road. I like traveling, as I said.
  5. Chocolate or vanilla?
    Chocolate, always. Strawberry chocolate to be exact.
  6. Light side or dark side?
    Dark side. I am a bitch! Haha! Gusto ko kasi minsan manalo naman ang kabit sa isang love triangle. For a change. Haha!
  7. Heart or brain?
    Both. Because in my 23 years of existence, something I learned about love is that you need to use your brain to choose who your heart truly desires.
  8. Writer or reader?
    Both. Pero mas gusto kong maging writer. Iba kasi ang fulfillment na dala ng pagsusulat eh lalo na kapag alam mong may na-inspire ka o may natuwa sa naisulat mo. Saka emotional outlet ko kasi ang pagsusulat.
  9. Hoarding or collecting?
    Collecting. Collecting books, Mariah Carey’s albums, bus tickets, love letters and more.

Honestly, almost all my questions here do have a different meaning as it is. Especially with the question, Long road or short road. I will not spill it but rather I’ll just give you some clue.
That question defines your attitude. 🙂

Let’s go back!

  1. What is your favorite book?
    The Notebook would be my favorite book of all time. Pinaiyak na ako ng book, pinaiyak pa ako ng movie nito ng ilang beses. Grabe! Gano’n yata talaga kapag hopeless romantic ka. Ang bilis mong umiyak. Kawawa! Haha!
  2. Which writer inspires you?
    Mariah Carey. She may not be a book writer but she’s also a writer because she writes all of her songs. And not some cheap, repetitive lyrics. She writes good music with a lot of story in it and she uses words that are very inspiring.
  3. What is your favorite quote?
    If you believe in yourself enough and you know what you want. You’re gonna make it happen.” -Mariah Carey
  4. How much do you spend on buying books?
    I don’t count. Haha!
  5. Did you ever experience writer’s block?
  6. Any suggestions on how to get through with the writer’s block?
    And to get rid of it, do something that’s not writing. Leave writing for awhile then maglaro ka ng games sa phone mo. Kumain. Kumanta. Makinig ng music. Mag-Facebook. Let your mind fly for a few minutes para maging fresh ulit ang naging stagnant mong utak then go back to writing.
  7. What was your dream when you’re still young?
    I wanted to be a scientist. And it came true! Food scientist nga lang, chef, in short.
  8. Did you ever think of becoming a writer way back before?
    No. Pero bata pa lang ako nagsusulat na ako. Mga eight years old nagsusulat na ako. Nakakalungkot lang kasi nawala ‘yung notebook na sinusulatan ko ng mga stories ko dati na may mga chakang drawings ko pa. Haha! Pero never kong naisip na magiging writer talaga ako paglaki. Kasi before talagang hobby lang ang writing.
  9. What was the first book that you wrote?
    Ganda Hero’ ang una kong nasulat na may 15 chapters, 3rd year high school ako. Pero ‘yung seryosohang sulat na talaga ay ‘Giovanni Bactol Jr.’ ang isinulat ko na sinelf-publish ko din.
  10. What does it feels when you finally see you first story published a book?
    It felt surreal. And it was exhilarating! Grabe, sobrang kilig ko noong una akong mag-self-pub at mahawakan ang paperback copy ng ‘Dreamland’. At mas lalo akong kinilig noong makita ko na sa bookstores ang first solo book ko na na-release sa mainstream ang ‘Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka?‘.
  11. Did you ever have collaboration with other authors? What does it feels like?
    My first collab was with my bestfriend, my FRF, Francesca Mateo for ‘Dreamland’. It was delightful working with her. Masaya. Enjoy lang. And I’ll be doing another collab this time ay kasama ang mga writers ng PSICOM na sina Melai Quilla at Karl Marx.
  12. Where did you get your ideas?
    Anywhere. Kahit saan. Sa paligid ko. Basta may nakaka-inspire na pangyayari sa paligid o kaya naman kuwento ng mga kaibigan ko. At minsan sa mga sarili kong experiences.
  13. In making stories, do you see yourself as the main character or plainly just a writer?
    In depends. May mga stories kasi akong based sa experiences ko meron din naman ako lang talaga ang narrator.
  14. Do you consider yourself as a writer?
    Yes. Of course. I am a writer and I will always be.
  15. Why do you write?
    I write because I want to make people happy, to inspire people, to touch lives. And most importantly, I write because it gives me eternal happiness.
  16. I believe in reading 30 mins. before having a test is effective, but for a writer like you, do you have a specific time in writing your story?
    Dati noong nag-aaral pa ako tuwing madaling araw ko gusto magsulat. Ngayong may work na, kahit saan na ako nagsusulat kahit sa bus o jeep, kahit nakahiga. Makakapagsulat ako, basta ‘wag lang kapag sobrang init. Haha!
  17. What is the easiest thing about writing?
    Nothing. Writing is a work of art. At mahirap talagang maging isang writer. Isa ‘tong labanan ng utak. Kahit sa pagiisip ng title ng chapter o ng book title mo, mahirap din. Kasi you want every detail to be smooth and to be almost perfect. Pero kahit na mahirap, masayang maging writer. Because you are given the power to write good to influence people.
  18. What does your family think of you, being a writer?
    They are so proud of me. Supportive sila lalo na ang mama ko pati mga pinsan ko.
  19. How did you end up with the book covers that you have?
    I make my book covers ever since my first self-published book, ‘Dreamland’ to ‘Anong Klaseng Estudyante Ka?’ and now to my booklet series, ‘#JahicLagoSays’. Pero kapag meron akong gustong idea but I cannot execute it ’cause I’m less of an artist, I mean, I don’t draw or paint. Haha! I’ll ask my people from CPAIPS to help me out since Editor-in-Chief naman nila ako dati sa Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Marikina.
  20. Do you do outlines or just write when ideas strike you?
    At this time of my life, since I don’t have a lot of time for writing, I conceptualize muna. Type sa CP ko ng ideas at the outline and when I have time na, I’ll complete the pieces of the puzzle I made and then start writing.
  21. Do you consider being a writer as your career or just your passion?
    Both. I love writing and it gives me a fortune in return. But mostly, it’s passion.
  22. What was the most negative criticism given to you as an author? What has been the best compliment?
    Medyo negative comment ‘yung sabihan ako na ginagaya ko daw si Bob Ong. Wait, so, bakla din si Bob Ong? Haha! But it also was a compliment in a way kasi ikinukumpara ka sa isang legendary writer. Best compliment would be messages from elementary students that because of me daw na-inspire silang mas pagbutihin ang pag-aaral. At mga messages ng teachers na inspiring daw ang mga isinusulat ko.
  23. What is your favorite story that you’ve made?
    Yung pinakabago kong ilalabas under PSICOM, ‘yung BPALMS. Kasi punong puno ‘yun ng kilig, kirot pati na puso ko. At saka kung ano ang bago ko, ‘yun ang favorite ko. Gano’n ako, eh.
  24. If given a chance, what story do you want to do all over again?
    Giovanni Bactol Jr.‘ kasi I wanted to have a different ending sana.
  25. Can you tell us about your upcoming book?
    Ang ‘#JahricLagoSays‘ ay ang comeback book ko sa self-publishing industry. Ang huli ko ay ‘yung ‘Jarred: A Collection of Jahric Lago’s Novelettes’ noong 2014 pa. Nabuo ko ang concept sa librong ito habang nasa bus ako. Wala na kasi talaga akong time sa pagsusulat dahil sa demanding work ko. Pero it won’t stop me from writing.
  26. What is the difference between this book to your previous ones?
    The difference of ‘#JahricLagoSays’ among others I’ve written is that this is my first booklet series which is just fun, fresh and easy-to-read, filled with my wittiest quotes and sayings about love and heartbreak plus delightful heartfelt personal essays just for you. This is gonna be exciting! I can’t wait ’til you get your hands on these treats. Coming this March!
  27. How did you come up with this one?
    heto na ang #JahricLagoSays: The Booklet Series na nabuo ko ng hindi masyadong time consuming kasi pinagsama-sama itong mga quotes at essays na naisusulat ko o nagagawa ko lang kapag nasa biyahe o kapag break ko sa work.
  28. Can you describe in three words your writing style?
    Fun. Entertaining. Inspiring.
  29. Any advice to those people at their young age being involved in writing?
    Just believe in yourself. Dream as big as you are! And don’t be afraid to take risks and to face challenges. Madami niyan sa writing industry. Madaming publishers na magsasabi sa ‘yo ng “NO!”, madaming tao ang hindi maniniwala sa ‘yo at sa kakayahan mo. But always try to do your best. Kasi ang taong hindi sumusuko, nananalo sa buhay. ‘Di ba, how can you expect to win if you never try? Keep dreaming! Have lots of determination and have faith in God.
  30. Is there anything you want to say to all your supporters and fans?
    My utmost thank you to all my fams in world, the universe rather. Haha! But seriously, salamat sa patuloy na suporta niyo sa akin. Sa pagmamahal. Sa mga sweet messages niyo sa akin. Need not to worry, as I promise to always deliver the best of Jahric Lago para sa inyong lahat. Mahal ko kayo!

With these, he inspires me to put my writing career to the next level. But anyway, I just want to thank Jahric Lago for the time spent on answering all my questions.

Thank you so much Jahric for trusting my blog! God bless and Good luck in your upcoming works!



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