How Did I Welcome 2016?

Fireworks are there, loud sounds are heard, everyone is busy preparing foods and sweets.While I was just lying on the sofa resting and waiting for my graveyard duty.
YES! You read it right, I was assigned to have my graveyard duty on the evening of New Year.
MASAKLAP is the best word to explain what I felt.
Buhay Hotelier nga naman.

I reached home round 7am of December 31 and decided to take a rest until afternoon. After that, I woke up and starts to help my mother in preparing all the dishes.
On the other hand, I was also a bit busy for my year end post last Thursday.
6pm arrived and I started to prepare myself for work. I came a little bit early from my said schedule since I might not be able to catch buses and also to avoid the randomized fireworks along the road.
Rain starts to pour as we wait for the midnight. The feeling of quietness around the building is there and I’am not used to it. While I heard loud sounds of fireworks outside, I felt a bit of sad because I miss everything that my family did every New Year’s eve.
Facing the fact that I’m now a certified Hotelier, I need to face the reality that there’s no more holiday nor special day in the industry I choose.
Back to the topic, I thought it will be a sad day but fortunately some of our guests decided to celebrate New Year with us. Literally, they put two tables along the lobby and buy foods.
As in PLENTY of FOODS to the extent that we are the one who surrender from their kindness.
They gave us a complete meal of chicken with rice, a dessert of ice cream, a red wine and a New Year’s gift of chocolates. Our office was full of foods, from pizza up to drinks. We never thought that they will stand as our family during that time.
We are very thankful for their generosity and kindness. May God bless them from all the good things they did.
I reached home around 6am, thank God, my co-workmate went early to replace me on  my position. When I got home, I just immediately remove my make-up and get into the bed. I just ate some of our Media Noche dishes and went back to sleep again because I have a duty from 6pm until 6am.
Time check: 1:53 am
I need a cup of coffee anyway. More hours to go before I can go home and sleep all the way.

Hey you!
You who’s reading this, how did you welcome 2016??




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