What’s up 2015? Hello 2016!

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This is my first time to share what happened to me this 2015 so please do forgive me if I do not know where to start.

2015 was a simple yet full of explosions for me because unexpected things happened without any plans at all. I’ve experienced random moods to the extent that I felt lonely and useless. But I was all wrong, God never leaves me, well in fact, he blessed me with the things I never expected to have.

I’ve learned many things from my all experiences and it made me a better person, I think. I learned that I shouldn’t worry about my future nor my present, as long as I’am living my life to the fullest, happiness surely follows.

Enough of these, I’am now ready to share what’s with my 2015. So here they are!

Honestly, I’am a solid home girl who doesn’t want to go out but still depends upon my availability.
Yes! You need to make a reservation on that day in order for me to accommodate you.
Kidding aside, I’am not fun of social parties nor social gathering when it terms with my friends. I’m not used to go out late at night just to hang out and went back home early next morning. I’ve better get some sleep than go young, wild and free. ūüôā

But behind this kind of attitude, I’m still thankful that I have them no matter what happened.

More than a decade of friendship and counting. #FRIENDSHIPGOALS

I gained 2 works from this 2015. The first one was being a counter assistant in a famous bakeshop here in Manila. Though I’m happy with my co-workmates, I’ve decided to take my resignation to follow the dream that I’ve been dreaming of.
1 (2)

Unexpectedly, God answered my prayers. Hesitation is the first thing I felt when I went for the first interview but everything follows until I saw myself working to the industry that I’ve wanting for.

This year, I’ve experienced many first times and I’am willing to share it with you.

  • Cinemalaya¬†
    This is my first time to watch an entry for a Cinemalaya and my first time to enter the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I’am such a poor lady, right? Thanks to my best buddy ever for a wonderful birthday gift.
    1 (2)
  • Festival of Lights
    I’ve been wishing to watch this festival of lights on Ayala triangle and luckily, I had the chance to watch it. Though I’m absolutely tired from work, I decided to go there with my best buddy. We went their a bit of late since I came out from work.
  • Malaca√Īang Tour
    I grew up not joining fieldtrips wayback when I was still on elementary so having the chance to have a tour inside the President’s house is quite exciting for a newbie like me.
    I enjoyed roaming around the place the fact that some of the area are prohibited for picture takings due to security reasons.
  • 4. Manila International Book Fair
    YES!! Finally! I had the chance to go¬†and buy books for my hungry soul. But that’s one of the reasons why I went there. The another one is to support my friend in his published book.
  • ¬†Luneta’s Light and Sound
    In spite of being a Manila girl,¬†I’m not used to go out late at night,¬†as what I’ve said awhile ago. So I was very happy to at least experience it before it marks an end. Thanks to those people whom ¬†I’am with during the night.
  • Chinese New Year
    It’s not my first time to experience this Chinese New Year but I’m happy to say that this was my second time to celebrate it with heritage at heart people. It is just a small of people who walk on the streets of Binondo to experience it’s New Year.

I do not know if I grew up being a person this year. Yes, I’ve learned and I’m so much thankful about that. But I think, being artistic is the only thing that grew inside me.
I’ve been in love in so many cute things and at the same time, artistic hand written. What I’m talking about is Calligraphy.

I’m also starting to love coffee because I need to.
2Then the next thing I knew, I’m in love with the starts that the crazy thing I did is I bought glow in the dark stars and placed it on my room’s ceiling.
What I’m thankful about my family is we keep on getting closer and closer every year. I’m just very thankful that they are my family. I define them as a very supportive one from the moment I’m making my own decisions in life.
They are the one who will say that they will support you in everything that you want in life.


All in all, 2015 is quite simple but full of surprises! I’m not expecting from 2016 but rather, I’m hoping for a productive and blessed year for me and my family.
2016 is now on it’s way but I will never forget the things that 2015 thought me. It’s been a wonderful year for me!

No more New Year’s resolution for me, just appreciate things and let God’s blessings shower upon us!



2 thoughts on “What’s up 2015? Hello 2016!

  1. Hello! Thanks for following my blog. I love how you always had a positive attitude and were thankful for every moment in your life. Cool, I was also at the MIBF this year (for the first time, great time)! I’m sure you had a blast last year and experienced many things. God bless sa atin this year!

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