I’am torn!
Torn from posting different ideas that keeps on coming in my mind.

Do you ever experience the feeling of having too much ideas to post but when you have the time already, it usually fades away?

Painful! No, not painful but rather how can I say this?
It is mind blowing! Why?
Because my mind wants to burst out but I don’t have time nor I have the time but my mind is in idle.

Forgive me for posting random thoughts and rants for the past few days. I’am on a graveyard shift and I usually do this the moment I’am done with my work to prevent myself from sleeping.

Soon, I’ll be posting productive and meaningful posts. But WAIIIIT!!
This blog deserves as my online journal to express everything what’s on my mind.
So, I’ll take back what I said.
MAYBE, if GIVEN A TIME I’ll be posting the posts I used to do and also to update you of what happened on my Christmas Day.
*I was having flu on that day, anyway*

Hey readers, I’ll be back SOON!
I just need to search some crazy blog posts and have an enough sleep. 🙂



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