Just Another Shift

Time check: 3:49 am

Where do I begin? I honestly do not know where to start since I made this out of boredom. I’am absolutely sleepy to death like anytime soon, I’ll be lying on the floor already.

Is this what a graveyard shift duty feels?
Ohhh! It is totally sucks!
Though I love how late I go to work but the fact that I’am wide awake during this time of the day is slowly killing me.

Anyway, do I have any thing to do with it?
This is already my schedule and this is the job that I barely want from the first place.

*eyes are now slowly taking into sleep, can someone wake me up??*

Back to what I was telling.
Life is quite difficult, from the way we reach our dreams up to the process itself. Well, who said that life is easy anyway?

*I’am out of words. I do not know what’s next*

Turn here, turn there, turn everywhere!
That’s how I keep myself awake during this cold dawn day.
I want to eat but the needs to sleep surpass everything that I feel.

*at this point, let me thank the guest who gave me a bracelet as a sign of her gratefulness*

Now, I do not know how to end this but let me handle it.

GOOD MORNING for now and GOOD NIGHT as I went back home this 6 o’clock in the morning.




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