What’s up 2015? Hello 2016!

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This is my first time to share what happened to me this 2015 so please do forgive me if I do not know where to start.

2015 was a simple yet full of explosions for me because unexpected things happened without any plans at all. I’ve experienced random moods to the extent that I felt lonely and useless. But I was all wrong, God never leaves me, well in fact, he blessed me with the things I never expected to have.

I’ve learned many things from my all experiences and it made me a better person, I think. I learned that I shouldn’t worry about my future nor my present, as long as I’am living my life to the fullest, happiness surely follows.

Enough of these, I’am now ready to share what’s with my 2015. So here they are!

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How about Now?

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

I was wondering how come I ended up playing that thing inside my head. From the moment I rode a bus up to this point of time.
Maybe because I’ve been surfing different articles about New Year.
Don’t get me wrong, this post is not yet my New Year’s message nor resolution.
This is just merely sharing my thoughts as of the moment.

I’ve been reading some blog posts about the upcoming New Year and even the Christmas happenings around the globe. But it is not yet the right time for me to share my own experiences. Maybe I’ll do it by tomorrow since it’s my rest day.

Well, what about this post?
I think I’m just motivated by the blogs I’ve read that is why I’m making this.
My mind is working on the other hand though I just took my medicine to ease the headache that I’ve felt awhile ago. My body is absolutely having a hard time in changing its body clock. I just do hope that I can do this eventually.

It’s almost New Year but I’ll surely celebrating it at work.
Too bad?
OF COURSE!! Who said that I’am in favor of that?
I will missed the mandatory family picture we always do when we start to eat Media Noche.
But, this is the work that I’ve been dreaming and wanting of. Just endure the pain and happiness will surely follow.

Maybe I’ll end it this way.
I’ll see you by tomorrow then.



I’am torn!
Torn from posting different ideas that keeps on coming in my mind.

Do you ever experience the feeling of having too much ideas to post but when you have the time already, it usually fades away?

Painful! No, not painful but rather how can I say this?
It is mind blowing! Why?
Because my mind wants to burst out but I don’t have time nor I have the time but my mind is in idle.

Forgive me for posting random thoughts and rants for the past few days. I’am on a graveyard shift and I usually do this the moment I’am done with my work to prevent myself from sleeping.

Soon, I’ll be posting productive and meaningful posts. But WAIIIIT!!
This blog deserves as my online journal to express everything what’s on my mind.
So, I’ll take back what I said.
MAYBE, if GIVEN A TIME I’ll be posting the posts I used to do and also to update you of what happened on my Christmas Day.
*I was having flu on that day, anyway*

Hey readers, I’ll be back SOON!
I just need to search some crazy blog posts and have an enough sleep. 🙂


Just Another Shift

Time check: 3:49 am

Where do I begin? I honestly do not know where to start since I made this out of boredom. I’am absolutely sleepy to death like anytime soon, I’ll be lying on the floor already.

Is this what a graveyard shift duty feels?
Ohhh! It is totally sucks!
Though I love how late I go to work but the fact that I’am wide awake during this time of the day is slowly killing me.

Anyway, do I have any thing to do with it?
This is already my schedule and this is the job that I barely want from the first place.

*eyes are now slowly taking into sleep, can someone wake me up??*

Back to what I was telling.
Life is quite difficult, from the way we reach our dreams up to the process itself. Well, who said that life is easy anyway?

*I’am out of words. I do not know what’s next*

Turn here, turn there, turn everywhere!
That’s how I keep myself awake during this cold dawn day.
I want to eat but the needs to sleep surpass everything that I feel.

*at this point, let me thank the guest who gave me a bracelet as a sign of her gratefulness*

Now, I do not know how to end this but let me handle it.

GOOD MORNING for now and GOOD NIGHT as I went back home this 6 o’clock in the morning.



Merry Christmas to All!

h‘Tis the season to be jolly!!!

It’s one sleep away before Christmas and it’s my rest day!


Actually, I requested to have this day as my rest day just to celebrate Noche Buena with my family.

If you ask me what is the perfect Christmas for me, I will eventually say that attending the midnight mass is the most perfect Christmas for me. It is the time of the year to thank God for giving His son to us. Time to thank God for the blessed year through attending the Misa de Gallo. Though I felt bad for not having it completed, God knows how thankful I’am from all the blessings He showered not only to me but to those people who are important to me. This is also the time to express how we appreciate someone in our life. Time to share the blessings we have and time to return it in different ways.

It’s better to give than to receive.

Honestly, this is true though I found it very hard since I don’t have the time and idea of what to buy. But what made it more sweet, it was bought with effort.

How’s my 24th of December?
I’m lying on the sofa ‘cause I’am sick. 😭 My mother is busy in the kitchen preparing for our Noche Buena later midnight. I’ll try to help her the moment I recover from this sickness.

Oh well, before I feel sleepy because of the medicine I took let me greet you a MERRY CHRISTMAS!
Remember, SHARE LOVE and expect nothing in return.

Have a wonderful Holiday!