Book Review: Dreamland

Francesca Mateo and Jahric Lago (JahricLago)
• Fantasy | Romance
• Published under JMD Copy Prints
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Birds playing above the towering trees, squirrels and rabbits rolling in the texture of the fresh green grass, the mixture of sultriness and wintriness of the clouds, breezy touch of the atmosphere soothing through your veins, stunning ambience of the field scattered with sweet-scented floras, fluttering butterflies following the rhythm of waterfalls, buzzing bees and humming wind creating a melodious sound to your ear, just everything is a jaw dropping scenery in this paradise.

Would you be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality? What if you fall in love both in dreams and reality? Of course, you love them both. However, you only get to choose one. If you were to decide, what would you choose, the dream that you never wished to come true or the dream that you ever wished to come true?

Everything in dreams is possible. You can be who you want to be.

What if the person you have been dreaming of every night does really exist in reality? What if he had seen you in his dreams as well? Is that by chance or by destiny? That is where the story of Leigh and Rico begins.

This is a story that will let your body stick to bed, grab and imprison the cottony soft pillow, tuck yourself inside your blanket, and utter a goodnight slumber into the wondrous place everyone would want to live in. As there’s no other place you could perceive your one and only “dream”, but here. This is a paradise where your dreams come true.

Welcome to Dreamland.

My Point of View (POV):

First of all, I just want to thank Jahric for giving me the book! It was unexpected seeing a book self-published by them placed in a bag with sweet oreo lollipop cookies. Hahaha!! 😀 as an avid reader of his works, here’s my book review!

The story started in a girl dreaming with an almond-shaped eyes guy in a garden, feeling like she doesn’t want to wake up and fall in love with the beauty of her dream. On the other hand, a guy also dreamed of a girl with honey-colored eyes. In instances, are they both dreaming the same dream? It’s for you to find out!

I thought I was reading a wrong book but when I checked it again, I’m really reading a fantasy book which is about dreams. I only wish every dream has its own continuation the moment you close your eyes again same as in the book.

The story is quite in a rush ‘cause of the fast-paced story outline that made me feel not too much connected to the characters. It is like, a few chapters they are just a new couple then few chapters after, they are going to get married. Honestly, the story is torn between the reality and dreams. Though I love dreaming, it will be much better if it will happen in reality. Living, in reality, is much better than dreaming.

In the end, I was not touched by the emotions but the lessons made it worth to read. Tragic ending as it may seem in reality but happiness conquers in dreams.


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