Job Interview 101

It was Monday when I received a message that invites me to a job interview scheduled on Wednesday. I felt hesitation at first but my father encourages me to try, nothing to lose anyway as what he told me. I decided to come to give it a try and I’m lucky that I reached the final interview. You want to know the result? Just keep on reading. 😊

After all that I’ve experienced, I decided to share the things I did and happened during the interview may be to give some tips to those girls who are also having a hard time in thinking what to wear up to the interview itself.

So here is my list that I hope can guide you in taking the position that you’re applying for.

  1. Have a little background check on the company and the position you’re applying for.
    Though I didn’t do this, I highly recommend this because I was asked about the company’s brief background and I was speechless. Haha!! 😂 Do this the night before your interview.
  2. Make sure you know the place of the company.
    Don’t ever leave your house if you do not know where the location of the company is. You can freely use google maps for a much better view of the street and be familiarize so that you’ll not get lost.
  3. Review your Resume/CV.
    You will surely speak continuously in front of the interviewer when you know what is written on your resume. Also, think of some possible questions that the interviewer can ask you and try to answer it like he/she’s in front of you already.
  4. Prepare the things you’ll be needed for tomorrow’s interview.
    Print your resume/CV and other documents that you need to bring. Also, prepare the clothes you’re going to wear so that you’ll not be in a hassle when morning comes.
  5. Have a light make-up.
    Honestly speaking, I don’t have any talent in putting up my own makeup. I just watched some tutorial on the internet. But my advice is to never put on a heavy make-up. Remember, you’re not going to a party but rather in a job interview. Just some foundation and let your natural beauty glow.
    That’s the best thing you can wear in front of all people. No matter how beautiful those people whom you are with, be confident that you have something that they do not have. Don’t be afraid of the interviewer, just be calm and comfortable and everything will follow.

And I think THAT’S IT!
Oh no, not yet.

I have some BONUS 🙂

What to DO AFTER your Interview:


  1. Let yourself roam around the area.
    I’m sure, the interview will be ended before lunch time so why not try to roam yourself around the place. Like what I did.
    I went to Makati for the interview and absolutely, I didn’t let the opportunity for me to walk around the place. I’m not familiar with the area but I visited some part of the Makati before like the Ayala Museum so why not explore the others places on my own 😉


  2. Explore, explore and explore!
    You can walk around and visit some public buildings, malls or even parks. In this way, you can divert your attention away from the result of the interview. It’s like giving yourself a treat for a job well done. Don’t stress yourself anyway :*
    At the end of the day, thank God for the guidance and blessings. Also, ask him to grant your wish to attain the position you applied.

Curious about the result of my job interview?
Well, I finally got the position I applied for. HAHAHA! 🙂 Thank GOD!

I hope I helped you with this crazy tips, I think wala akong naipayong matino. HAHAHA!! But I wish you GOOD LUCK in applying for your work for you to reach your dream.




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