Rant on a Saturday V 0.01

This will serve as my first rant about my experience today, Saturday. I try to calm down but I ended up typing this thingy while I’m on road, stuck in the crazy traffic going to the south.

I was awakened by my mother around 5:30 this morning ‘cause I have an orientation somewhere in Makati. I decided to leave my bed around 6am and I’m so sleepy that made me activate my Zombie mode on. 😑 The morning was not quite hassled but in terms of traffic, I just encountered them near Magallanes. I reached Makati earlier as I expected. Waited for about some minutes before going to the place where I needed to go. Afternoon came and it’s time for me to leave and go home.

It’s past 2pm and I’m having a hard time looking for a bus to ride since they are all going to Baclaran, which is too far from my way home. After around 30 minutes or more, I finally had the chance to ride. But another thing happened which keeps on testing my patience and that is the traffic. The bus is full and the sun is already setting down that made my sitting area too hot! 😬 Isama mo pa yung lalaking katabi ko na akala mo eh binayaran niya yung buong upuan 😣 Actually hindi ko nga siya napansin nung una but what really caught my attention first is the guy standing a bit far from me. Kausap niya yung guy na nagbigay sa akin nang upuan, thank you kuya for giving it to me! 😊 So naririnig ko silang nag uusap, yung si kuyang mabait wearing green while si Kuyang madaming pinaglalaban yung naka stripe. Si Kuya Stripe are just ranting some issues about traffic and the bus driver. Sabi niya bakit yung other lines mabilis yung takbo nang mga buses and cars pero kami mabagal lang, yung tipong usad pagong. Then sabi ni Kuyang Green, ibang way naman kase yung lalabasan nung daanan na tinuturo ni Kuya Stripe pero insist lang ng insist ni Kuya Stripe yung thought niya. Then nabaling naman yung topic sa driver na ang bagal daw, na kesyo may electric fan siya at hindi naiinitan. Dun na biglang nagsalita yung utak ko, gusto ko sumagot but not rather sa utak ko na lang sinabi,
Try mo kayang mag-drive nang malaking sasakyan tapos pabalik-balik yung route mo for the day then sabayan pa ng traffic, let’s see if you can do it.”
Well, I’m not defending all the drivers kase meron namang kaskasero, pero I just understand how hard it is to be a bus driver especially during traffic hours and mainit pa. Pero napansin ko nga, we’re on the fast lane but we keep on moving like an inch. Paano naging fast lane yun, pakiexplain nga!  😌 On the other hand, naiisip ko din yung government na sila din yung may dahilan ng traffic and I saw some traffic enforcers can’t do nothing because of the traffic. Naawa na lang talaga ako. At least I saw them trying all the things they can do, sana nga lang hindi ako nagkakamali sa iniisip ko.

But behind all these, I can’t do anything but to have longer patience and wait until I reach my destination. Forgive me if Im too kind as what most my friends told me. Hindi lang kasi ako sanay na magmaldita if pwede pa namang intindihin. Wala naman akong magagawa kung magalit ako sa sobrang traffic.😀

This is officially my first rant that I’ve ever shared. Im very sure you experienced the things I experienced too, you can freely share it to me and we can rant it together. Haha!! 😂



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