Book Review: Dreamland

Francesca Mateo and Jahric Lago (JahricLago)
• Fantasy | Romance
• Published under JMD Copy Prints
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Birds playing above the towering trees, squirrels and rabbits rolling in the texture of the fresh green grass, the mixture of sultriness and wintriness of the clouds, breezy touch of the atmosphere soothing through your veins, stunning ambience of the field scattered with sweet-scented floras, fluttering butterflies following the rhythm of waterfalls, buzzing bees and humming wind creating a melodious sound to your ear, just everything is a jaw dropping scenery in this paradise.

Would you be able to tell the difference between fantasy and reality? What if you fall in love both in dreams and reality? Of course, you love them both. However, you only get to choose one. If you were to decide, what would you choose, the dream that you never wished to come true or the dream that you ever wished to come true?

Everything in dreams is possible. You can be who you want to be.

What if the person you have been dreaming of every night does really exist in reality? What if he had seen you in his dreams as well? Is that by chance or by destiny? That is where the story of Leigh and Rico begins.

This is a story that will let your body stick to bed, grab and imprison the cottony soft pillow, tuck yourself inside your blanket, and utter a goodnight slumber into the wondrous place everyone would want to live in. As there’s no other place you could perceive your one and only “dream”, but here. This is a paradise where your dreams come true.

Welcome to Dreamland.

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Job Interview 101


It was Monday when I received a message that invites me to a job interview scheduled on Wednesday. I felt hesitation at first but my father encourage me to try, nothing to lose anyway as what he told me.

I decided to come to give it a try and I’m lucky that I reached the final interview. You want to know the result? Just keep on reading. 😊

After all I’ve experienced, I decided to share the things I did and happened during the interview maybe to give some tips to those girls who are also having a hard time from thinking what to wear up to the interview itself.

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Rant on a Saturday Ver.01

*Photo: Tumblr, edited by me*

This will serves as my random rant for my experience today, Saturday. I try to calm down but I ended up typing this thingy while I’m on road, stuck in the crazy traffic going to south.

I was awaken by my mother around 5:30 this morning ‘cause I have an orientation somewhere in Makati. I decided to officially left my bed around 6am and Im so sleepy that made me to activate my Zombie mode on. 😑 The morning was not quite hassle when in terms to traffic,I was just encounter them near Magallanes. I reached Makati earlier as I expected. Waited for about some minutes before going to the place where I needed to go. Afternoon came and it’s time for me to leave and go home. Continue reading “Rant on a Saturday Ver.01”

Just Overcome It

Should I give up or should I just keep on chasing pavements my dreams.

I’ve been chasing my dreams for more than a year but here I’m, I’m all alone without you.
Wait, WHAT??!!
I’m not brokenhearted or what so ever that connects to a relationship. My heart is not the one I’m talking about but my life. Unfair is the only thing I can describe it but I have no choice to keep on moving forward.
Waking up in the morning, help some chores, sit in front of the computer, prepare something for dinner, watch some shows on tv and take a rest. That’s my daily routine the moment I resigned from my work.
Yes! I’m proud to say that I resigned from a company. That’s it. Main reason why? I want to escape from the too much stress they keep on giving me every time I start the day. Some people will say, it’s normal. Stress is normal when you’re working but for me, as long as you love what you are doing stress will never freak you out.


It’s been three months when I became a house person and it kills me to death. Not because I’m bored staying at home, but because I want to earn money! I want to buy things on my own expense. Asking for someone’s money just to satisfy me is not so me.

Sometimes, I just want to sit down and start to wool gathering. Feeling the air, like today! I went to our rooftop, feel the cold Christmas air and whenever I think of Christmas, I feel deeply sad. But I will never let the sadness conquer my whole mind.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Stand a little taller! Doesn’t mean I’m lonely when I’m alone

Oh yeah! That makes sense.
I’m not lonely! I’m with GOD, standing firm beside me. HE’s there every time I needed HIM the most. I know that HE’s also teaching me some lessons that I will surely needed in the future, maybe HE’s just preparing me for a bigger one.
Remember, GOD will never give us a problem which we cannot overcome.
I keep on telling myself when I’m depressed that no one will ever motivate you other than yourself.
It’s true! A friend told me that my worst enemy is no other than myself. Though at first I don’t get what he said, I just eventually understands it as I go on in this battle of life.

It might lessen the pain but at the end of the day, I need to face the fact that I need to get out of the box, find a work and reach for my dream.
Maybe, at the end of the day, I just need some chocolates and fries to ease the sadness and continue to find a work 😉


20 Random Questions

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It’s Monday and I feel kinda bored ‘cos I do not have anything to do other than surfing the net. Until I saw some blogs with lists of random questions and suddenly, I have something to do!!

All questions here are randomly chosen by picking up some random number from different sites. This will be done out of my boring afternoon so let’s start it!
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