Happy Halloween!

It’s the last day of October so, HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

For sure, children are busy having their trick or treat in the office or even the mall. Kids will be roaming around here maybe around 7pm and the streets will be full of their voices. Screaming and shouting asking for their treats. Honestly, I’ve never tried to join those trick or treats when I was a child. Did I miss anything from my childhood?

I think no because during those days, my friends and I gather together under a mango tree and that is where we are going to spend the night. Sharing horror stories which are a friend of mine experienced since she has a third eye. I was contented with that one, actually up to now. Hahahaha!!

I can still remember that night, while we are busy teasing one another about being too afraid of ghosts. A friend of mine shouted when I was in front of her. She suddenly closed her eyes and is trembling. We got worried and asked her what happened and she tells us the story.
While I was standing in front of her, someone appeared behind me. I told her that I felt nothing pero she told us na the girl is somewhere hiding behind the standing iron sheets which are behind me. I asked her what does she looked like but she said that she’s a girl with a blank face. Her mouth is open like screaming but she doesn’t have teeth and eyes, just holes. I suddenly felt some goosebumps when my friend screams again. Telling us that the girl appeared again on the same spot. We cannot help but scream and run away from the area but since we are that kind of curious, we just throw some stones onto the iron sheets and ran after. Hahaha!!

Another story was when I was a grade 6 student, I think. We have no teacher during that time, one of my classmates decided to play spirit of the coin. We all agreed but we do not have the board, one of our classmates memorized the words written on the Ouija and made a customized one. All things are set, we have the board and the coin but we still have one problem. The rays of the sun are striking inside our room and we can’t make it when it is still early. Since they are too excited, they just used some curtains to cover the window just to lessen the light but still some lights appeared on the door itself. I didn’t join them but rather watched them. Nandoon na kami sa climax of the game, nawala yun nang biglang bumukas ang pinto, nandyan na pala si Ma’am. But the weird thing happened, isa ako sa mga cleaners na naiwan. It was around 6pm when we finished everything when we heard a scream somewhere out of the rooms. I think 3 rooms yung pagitan nun from our room. We decided to check it out and saw some cleaners gathering on the corner of the room. They told us that something is moving in the closet near the window. We checked it and nothing was there, they are too afraid to be left alone so my classmates decided to wait for them. We are on our way home when we decided to take the shortcut road behind the school building. We saw some people looking somewhere in the classrooms and we are shocked to find out that the window glass beside the closet has a weird figure. A figure of a face which has an open mouth. One of my friends immediately go back to the room and wipe the glass but we were trembling to see that it didn’t change a thing! My friend upstairs run towards us and on that point, we run until we are far from the building. Two days after that, the face was gone.

I still believe in ghosts and I hate it when I watched a horror movie and I can’t even take a sleep. I still have that kind of heart, the heart of being afraid of ghosts.

Seeing the kids wearing different costumes are too cute not to give some treats. Maybe for tonight, I will surely be spending it sitting in front of a television and watch some real-life creepy stories whom other people experience.

Enjoy your day kids! Take advantage of the day because you’ll be going back to school next week. ☺


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