Book Review: The Cortlandt Boys

cortlandt boysAuthor:
Laura Vanderkam (lauravanderkam)
• Mystery | Romance | Sports
• Available as an eBook (here)
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A small town high school basketball team wins the Pennsylvania state championship with an improbable last second three point shot. The Cortlandt Cavaliers celebrate their unlikely victory, but good fortune changes the boys’ worlds in unpredictable ways. This story revisits the characters 10 and 20 years later as the ramifications of their youthful success play out over the course of their lives, forever linking them and the people around them to this little town that has its ways of not quite letting you go.

My Point of View (POV):
** I received an eBook copy from the author/publisher for an honest review** 

The Cortlandt Boys has 36 chapters which are divided into four different parts. The Prologue told by Max in 1993-1994, followed by ten years later in 2003-2004 told by Max again. Part three is told by Janie in year 2013-2014 and lastly, the epilogue which is told by her again in the year 2014. It is a story of how the five boys known as the Cortlandt boys evolved after winning a basketball tournament.

For the first chapters, I found it boring because the prologue is very long! I admit, I hate long prologue but being interesting keeps me turning the page. I never had an idea where the story might bring me. No clues or even words used in order for you to guess what will happen next. I enjoyed reading the basketball game parts where every action is detailed and it seems like the author brings you the exact action. Though I had a hard time understanding some parts, I just slowly cope up as I keep on reading. I love Max’s perspective than Janie maybe because I liked the plot of the first half than the second. Also because Max is into everything, she’s involving herself to every character in the story.

As for the writing technique, the author is very detailed and broad in terms of actions. It is a third person storytelling and I had a hard time since I used to read first person. The sequences of the events are properly written and there is something on the story which will keep you to turn the pages on.

All in all, the story is wonderful though I found sad for the unexpected things happened. I never thought that mystery, romance and sports can be put into one.

I found the story kinda boring because of less actions and ideas. Still, the author needs to capture the attention of the reader through the scenes.


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