What it feels to be..

I do not know where to start, all I ever want is to write what my mind wants to tell. Nowadays, it is hard to look for the job you really want. Never know which way or path to choose but all I ever know is what my dreams are. Dreams are established but never know how to make it happen.

Life is too playful as what I have observed. Today, I want this and tomorrow it changes. Nothing is permanent in the world I should say but having a goal leads me again on where I should go.

Being jobless for more than six months is a big failure for a woman like me. I’m a graduate but it doesn’t mean that I can get any job that I want. Months passed and I learned that, it’s not only about the money but it is all about the job that you want while earning money that you deserve. Well, as of now I cannot find the balance in my life. Seeing some of my batch mates having their work is kinda pain in my heart. They say, never compare your life to someone but I can’t remove the fact that they are already ahead of me. Way back before, they looked at me as someone who is higher and smarter than them but things get upside down. I was left and they are ahead. Ow, life is truly playful.

You want to give up but that is not what life wants you to tell. I just keep on believing on Gods plan for me because we do all have reasons why we are still here on earth.

At the end of the day, you will end up praying to God. Praying to give you the wisdom to all the things that is happening in your life, strength for you to be able to overcome all the problems and pains. All these things are normal but we need to learn from these in order to enjoy life.

I know I’am not the only one having this kind of problem but life must go on and we should keep on fighting.


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