Pride and Ego

So hard to say, so hard to think.
Never thought these two do exist.
Months passed but it was just last night.
Realizing what I have deep inside my heart.
Stupid pride combined with ego.
Reasons why my heart can’t start to go on.
What can I do?
My mind’s in trouble as well as in despair.
Don’t know where to start to put this thing off.
“Let it go” is what they can suggest.
Carrying the idea of who I’ am around me.
Too hard is what my mind tells me
Not this time ‘cause it’s my heart I need to follow.
“I can do this” are the only words that I can say
No one to trust but only God and myself.
It is time to move on in this fast new world.
It is time to remove that pride and ego too.


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