Pass the Paper and leave

I’ve been working for four months now.
It’s not about the people nor the management they have.
It is all about me, who wants to pursue my dreams.

I accepted my work without any hesitation in order just to have a work. I can say that based on my experience, it is not really good to accept a job where you do not have a goal to think of. Why? Because it will be hard for you to wake up each day just to think that you are going to work without any goal to finish for that day. Four months is enough for me to learn from my own mistakes. I want to start from the beginning, from thinking the work which my heart really desires to the moment that I will have the urge to pursue it. I want to start again in order for me to wake up each day feeling motivated. Second chance is not new to me that is why I’ am willing to take a risk.

Quitting from this job doesn’t mean I hate them. I just simply wake up from the reality that life is sometimes unfair and hard. Life is not about complains, it is about taking it as a challenge and go on in life. It is not too late to find what I really want, 21 years old is too young as what they say. Maybe that work showed me how life really works, it is not about them, it is about me who wants to find happiness and true meaning of life. It also taught me to follow your heart’s desire because it will be the reason for you to forgo everyday.

As what I keep on telling myself, God’s plan is better than my plan. But if God saw the truthfulness and the willingness of your heart to achieve your dream, he will surely lead the way. I might have a confused feeling right now, I know deep inside my heart I can find it.


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