Book Review: Fancy Pants Poetry Vol. 2

fancy pantsAuthor:
Agostino Scafidi (Agostino Scafidi)
• Poems
• Published through Ebook (here) and Audiobook (here)
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A departure from the original installment, although not so far out that the reader will be blindsided. Volume Two is not just more of the same poetry, yet at the same time it is. It’s not as dark and cynical as the original, yet there are still such moments to be had. You’ll discover poems showcasing a wider range of emotions, extracting new and fresh colours from the palette of life.

My Point of View (POV):

** I received an eBook copy from the author/publisher for an honest review**

Fancy Pants Poetry. .
Well, this will be my first time to have a book review about poems. I felt hesitant when the author message and asked a review from me. Am I going to enjoy it or am I going to understand them and my answer is YES!

Fancy pants poetry is a book contains 54 poems. I can say that Scafidi’s poems are mostly free-verse and dramatic monologue. He used simple words but with deep meaning which brings you to different dimension of life. Some of his poems are about love, life and emotions that make you more involve and affected by it.

The book is published into an Ebook and audiobook format. I decided to listen to the audio and I felt the emotions more than reading. At the end, I prefer them both. Listening while reading the poem makes the author more connected to the reader. Also, you can easily understand what the poem brings up to you.

As a person who do also make some poems, I had some favorite lines from his work and here it is:

“We love what hurts us,
It’s like a companion one could rely upon.”

“How we take so many things for granted,
The most overlooked are really our most precious,”

I do also inspire from some of his works, here it is:
“Unknown Road”
“Well, I’m Here”
“Waiting on You”
I might be able to make my own poem again because of this one.
Recommending this to all those who love reading and writing poems.


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