Confession of a Dog Lover

I am a dog owner. Oh, let me rephrase that. I’m a DOG LOVER!

As of now, I have 4 dogs, a seven-month-old puppy, and four 1-month old puppies.
I don’t know what their breed is but I think they are what we so-called ASPIN or Asong Pinoy here in the Philippines.

The oldest among them is Peter, I have him when I was still 14 years old. I’m 21 now so he’s with me for about seven years. His tail is too short like him, he never grew tall. Followed by Cha-cha and Ryza, they are females. They were given to me by our family friend way back 2013. I think Cha-cha has a breed of Dalmatian while Ryza is an Aspin. Then Bugoy, which is Ryza’s daughter. She was born last year and turning 1 this coming August. Lastly, Panda. He’s the son of Cha-cha and he looks like her mother. Same body structure but his color is brown and white, unlike her mother which is black and white. Then four puppies came. They are Ryza’s puppies which were born this February 2015.

Want to know where did I get their crazy names?

Peter and Cha-cha were given to me by their names already. While Ryza, she was given to me as a puppy which they found along the street. At first, I named her Brownie in remembrance of my dog who stay with me for about 10 years. But she had a sick and ill, so we decided to change it again until Ryza fitted her. Then Bugoy, actually before Bugoy, there is Burgos who died because of food poison. She was out of the house for a while then the next day, she died. Burgos is a year older than Bugoy so they still had the chance to meet. So, Bugoy’s name was taken from Burgos in short.Then Panda! He was the only puppy which Cha-cha born alive during her delivery because it’s premature. We thought that no one will survive but when I heard a puppy’s cry, I felt hope. During his puppy day, he looks like a Panda. His color is still black and white and changes as he grows. Since he’s premature, he can’t walk easily. He always drags his hind legs so we always pull it and massage it in order for him to walk properly and now, he runs and jumps too high.

When did I start to take care of Dogs?

As I can remember, my family’s dog name was Bantay. We have her when I was still a baby. We lost her, what I mean by that is she was really lost. Based on my father’s story, during that time, Bantay is pregnant and was on a leash. He let her free on it for the first time and never come back home. They searched for it every day until they were no hope of finding her.

Since that day, years passed by until without any pet until one day our family friend gave us a puppy which I named Bash. I was still too young that time to take care of him so he died. Many puppies passed by during my early years and during those times, I cried when they died. I offer flowers on their grave and say sorry for not taking care of them.

Then a dog came named Brownie. He was strong and tall, I never thought that he will stay with me for too long! He was given to me when I was still 9 years old. We transferred to another house with him until his last year came. I was 19 years old that time, studying for my 3-year college in school. He had fever and colds but because of his age, he didn’t get through it. I just came home from school when my parents told me about him. I changed my clothes and decided to stay beside him. I prepare his food and feed him. I opened his mouth but he doesn’t take it, I melted a medicine but he doesn’t want to swallow it. I thought he will be okay but that night, he died. I saw him fighting for him to be okay. I know he wants to live but the moment I saw his difficulty. I know it’s hard but I went near him and pet him while saying “Go on. You’ve been with me for 10 years. It’s time for you to take a rest.” And with that, tears immediately flow from my eyes. I turned back and when I looked back, he is gone. I don’t know, whenever I remember that scene I can’t help myself but to cry. He’s been with me for 10 years, he knew me very well though sometimes I get annoyed with his naughtiness. But I am very happy that I was part of his life here. He will always be the best dog for me. After he died, I was stuck with him. I don’t know if I’m going to have another dog like him though I already have Peter that time. But one day came and a friend of mine gave Cha-cha, then Ryza and everything follows. Yes, one may be left but many of them will follow.

Now that I have these dogs and puppies, I still feel the pain. Because today, 2 of my 4 puppies which I took care for more than a month was already given to our family friend. Well, I call this separation anxiety. I feel sad whenever my puppies leave me. I never know if they will still know me or even remember me. I don’t know if those people who will take care of them will be responsible enough. I’m afraid of what my puppies might experience to their new owners. One month is enough for me to fall in love with them.

I might get annoyed by their noisy cries but the cuteness and love that they showed to me are priceless. Soon, I need to give the remaining 2 puppies to my friends and I just do hope and pray that they will grow big and strong. I will miss everything they did to me, crying too early in the morning to ask for some milk, licking my toes and hands while playing with them and most especially, the love that they showered me every time they see me.

I can say that I love my dogs! I think, same love to my parents. They are my pillar when I need to lean on, well sometimes, they want to play while I’m sad but still I’m thankful. They are the one whom I’m going to think of every time I sit at the dining table, thinking if there is something for them to eat. As of now, they are my everything. I’m willing to soak in water just to get them wet and play with them until we both get tired and sleep separately. I love every inch of them, no matter how dirty they are. I love how they look every time they did something wrong and how they will slowly go near me to cuddle. I love how they look while I’m preparing their food, I love how they make me tired every time they need to take a bath. I love how they act and barks every time I came home. All of these and too many reasons why I believe that a dog is a man’s best friend.

I already promised myself that no matter what, I will still take care of a dog, no not only one dog but MANY DOGS!

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