What Night had Brought Me

The soft cold breeze of the night-time,
makes me want to sit down and write.
As I sit down on my table,
pen and paper are in front of me.
Starring blankly at both of them,
I suddenly don’t know where to start.
I just look outside my window,
thinking the thoughts I want to share.

Glancing up at the night sky,
stars are shining like diamonds.
Wandering my eyes all around,
the moon is nowhere to be found.
Did stars replace him for tonight?
or he’s just hiding in the clouds?
The buzz sounds of crickets and bats,
surpassing the peace of the night.

While the air is getting colder,
the night is slowly getting late.
Not aware of what time is it now,
all I know I’m just sitting here.
Now that drowsy visited me,
I think this is how I end it.
Maybe it’s time to stop writing,
put my pen down and start dreaming.
This might be the night had brought me,
he let me think and write it down.


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