25 Facts about Me!

*Photo: Tumblr, edited by me*
*Photo: Tumblr, edited by me*

We are all different and we have different facts about ourselves. Things we kept and things we want to share so here are the 25 random facts about me.

1. I don’t drink coffee.
Yes, I don’t drink coffee but I love its aroma and I can make you one, name it. How ironic, right? The main reason behind is I feel sleepy and I don’t even know why!

2. I’ am an ultimate chocolate and French fries lover.
I consider chocolate as my daily dosage of energy booster while French fries especially cheese flavor satisfies my daily cravings.

3. I don’t usually give an effort in putting my make-up on.
Putting make-up is my daily scenario whenever I required to put on especially during formal events. I hate putting too much make-up because you need to retouch it whenever possible. So sometimes, I just do hold on to simplicity is beauty. Haha!

4. I’ am a Do-It-Yourself maker.
Well, I love to make things with my personal touch that is why, I usually gave gifts which is made by me!

5. I love to sit on top of my table while reading or writing.
Literally, like sitting on top of it while my back is leaning on the nearest wall. It’s more comfortable than you ever thought. Why not to try?!

6. I’ am not used to go out too late for a night life.
I feel lazy when night already strikes and I’ am already home. So if you want me to be in a night party, then invite me when it is still afternoon so that I can set my mood. Haha! Weird

7. I love high heels.
I stand around 5’4” and I don’t care about it. Wearing high heels is my other way around of being a girly girl.

8. I do keep memories and souvenirs in boxes.
It started when I was still in high school. I keep letters from retreats or from someone, souvenir from events and place I’ve been too like key chains, flowers from my JS Prom and other stuff. That is the treasure I do always keep from other people to see.
9. I’ am afraid of bats.
I hate their creepy sounds while flying above me that is why, I hate staying too long in our rooftop.

10. I can play a guitar.
My friend is the one who taught me and since we became busy, I had a self-taught while my father is the one I ask if I did the chords right.

11. I don’t have a proper diet.
I eat any kind of foods! No limits as long as I’m hungry, no one can stop me.

12. My perfect evening is reading a lovely book while under sheets.
I usually seek for rest and I love books that is why, this scene is the perfect night for me.

13. I can’t sleep without blanket and pillows around me.
I grew up having plenty of pillows around me and blanket covering at least half of my body.

14. I can understand gay lingos.
Haha! But I didn’t try to use it as my daily communication. I just use them if I talk with gays.

15. I hate skirts, sleeveless dresses and short shorts.
I’m not a girly girl in terms of clothes. I’ am a conservative one, oops! Don’t act too much, it’s for real! I’ am not used to wear those clothes especially when you’re outside of your own house.

16. I’ am an organize person especially to my things.
I hate it when I look for something I can’t find so I’ am making sure that my things are organize.

17. I love cold weather.
I’ am a sleepy head person that is why, cold weather is equivalent to bed weather.

18. I’ am not having my breakfast when I will just stay at home.
When I have nothing to do, I usually wake up too late in the morning so, the food that I’m going to eat is already my lunch.

19. I know how to speak Korean and Japanese.
But I stopped and get bored. Haha! Seriously, maybe some other time I can learn it again.

20. Drinking alcohol makes me sick.
I really hate the taste of it! The first time I drank is when I reached my legal age. My friend treat me a drink and I ended up fed up so I leave it to him and he drank the rest. Haha!

21. My dream is to put my own baked shop.
I know it’s not obvious but I love baking. My best friend and I dreamed of having our own baked shop and we’re going to manage it together.

22. I have my own diary which I started way back 2006.
This is my top secret and the most important thing that I will surely keep for myself. I wrote everything what my mind wants to tell and the secrets that I’ am hiding. Haha!

23. I feel being a child again whenever I’ m in an amusement park.
It is the rides and the foods that make me excited whenever I’ am going in an amusement park. I love the crazy, high rides that will make me scream on top of my lungs. Isn’t it exciting?!

24. I dream of having a library inside my house.
I’ am a book lover that is why dreaming of having a big library inside my house is a great accomplishment.

25. I don’t eat pickles.
Checking the hamburger before biting is my habit because I don’t eat pickles. I hate the saltiness of it.

I know you have something hidden inside you, so let me know or let other people know! What are your 25 random facts? 🙂


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