For my Twinnie

*Photo: Pinterest, edited by me.*

I don’t know how to react after reading a letter made from someone whom I considered as a peer. Other people might say that it was just an ordinary letter but for me, it contains her true feelings towards me. I thought she’s just doing that for fun but as I keep on reading, I discovered lies which she kept for me for more than months. I might be harsh if I say, how can she do that to me? I treat her like my twin but she showered me with lies. Is she not trusting me the way I trusting her? Am I going to get mad at her or let it pass pretending not to read it? I don’t want to take it as a big deal but she lied to me. Am I being too kind for someone to take me for granted? Questions are now troubling inside my head and I find no answer.
Well, maybe I just need to accept the fact that not all people whom I treat kind will be kind to me.

Thanks for being true to me even if it is too late for me to know it. Thank you for standing as my twin since I do not have an older or younger sister. I never thought that I will still have a contact with you since we graduated from elementary. I considered you as one of those people I need to cherish because you let me feel that too.
I should be the one who envy you because you graduated from a prominent school. You have the skills that I do not have, you see? You are a writer while I’ am just a reader. You already published your articles online which I really want to experience too. Opportunities come along your way while I’ am still to find my own. You are lucky, a very lucky one to have those traits and knowledge. Remember when we are still in elementary, you’re always dominant among us and until now, I can still feel it. You have the things I never know. You have a wonderful voice and I know you can play guitar better than me.
All things in here are true, let me finish it this way.


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